Hailing from the Netherlands, Mell Tierra has been producing and DJ\’ing for a long time and is now getting the exposure he deserves. From one of his first releases, \”Still Play\” 3 years ago, Mell has grown into a internationally recognized DJ and has massive support from Tiësto and Hardwell, as well as, Armin van Buuren, Marcus Schossow and Laidback Luke to name a few. Mell also hosts his own podcast in which he showcases some of his latest tracks, as well as, some other tunes that deserve some good exposure. Tierra has had massive releases on world-renown labels such as Spinnin’ Records, Armada, CR2 and Flamingo Recordings with his latest release being on Revealed Recordings.

\”Boomerang\”, \”Recipe\”, and \”Soldiers\” will all be available for purchase on Beatport today, and mark the first-ever single artist EP to be released on Revealed. Mell Tierra\’s new EP is absolutely amazing and features killer new songs that seem to be unprecedented, with a mixture of progressive house, big room and electro. All of these songs are sure to be favorite bangers in clubs, festivals, etc. No doubt you\’ll be hearing much more of Mell as we ring in the new year. Be sure to purchase the EP, and check out the streams of the songs scattered below.

Mell Tierra – Boomerang / Recipe / Soldiers EP | Purchase on Beatport

We had the opportunity to ask Mell a few questions regarding his background, and how he managed to release a stellar EP on an insanely popular record label.

EDM Chicago: How did the idea of having new tracks released on Revealed come about?

Mell Tierra: In April this year, I sent a track called \’Recipe\’ to Hardwell for his label Revealed Recordings. It\’s not new that labels are busy these days, and getting a whole lot of music by producers, so sometimes your track won\’t get feedback right away. The same thing happened with Recipe, so after a couple of weeks, I sent him a new track called \’Boomerang\’. After a few days, Hardwell told me that he was really impressed by my track \’Boomerang\’, and this made him also check out the other track I sent him. He asked me if I was up for a single artist EP on his label. I immediately said yes! And later on, I got the opportunity to add another track to the EP, and be the first artist ever on Revealed with a 3-track single artist EP. 

EDM: How did it feel to have \”Boomerang\” premiered in front of the huge crowd at EDC?

Mell: AMAZING! I watched the clip on youtube over and over again. And followed the gossip on the internet about who made it with a smile. Some people thought the track was produced by guys such as W&W, Tiesto, Martin Garrix and even Hardwell himself. Real key players at the moment, so I see that as a big compliment.

EDM: What is your favorite track of 2013? 

Mell: Definitely AN21 & Max Vangeli vs. Tiesto feat. Lover Lover – People Of The Night (Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman Remix) [SIZE Records]. This track is so big that I can’t even express how I feel about it, just have a listen! And if I had to choose one of my own, I think it would be ‘Glazer’. This track helped me a lot this year.

EDM: As you\’re also a DJ, what has been your favorite place to perform?

Mell: It’s hard to tell. I like small clubs with an underground atmosphere, but I also like large crowds on festivals. It’s hard to pick just one spot…

EDM: Who were your DJ and producer inspirations?

Mell: As a DJ: definitely Tiësto. As a little kid, I always went to his recordstore called Magik, located in Breda in Holland, which was near my hometown. He was behind the counter himself several times, and his stories inspired a whole generation of young dj’s including me. What he has accomplished as a dj, hasn’t been accomplished by anyone else before. On the producer side: I think Hardwell is doing a great job at the moment, but I also get inspired by a lot of young kids such as Loopers and Thomas Newson.

EDM: What is your favorite track to play in your sets right now?

Mell: Mell Tierra – Recipe!

EDM: What can we expect from Mell Tierra in 2014?

Mell: You can expect a whole lot of new records. I’m working 24/7 in my studio now to make new music for next year, including some surprising collaborations. Furthermore, I hope to travel the globe a bit more next year.

For more information on Mell, and his music, check out his links below.

MellTierra.com | Facebook: Mell Tierra | @MellTierra | SoundCloud: Mell Tierra