Owing to the growing health awareness in society, people nowadays are tending towards several health-boosting natural ingredients, and one such trending natural health supplement is Japanese Matcha powder. This Matcha powder is extracted from specifically grown, processed Tencha green tea leaves known to have low caffeine and high antioxidants.

These green tea plants are shade-grown for about a month before harvest, and during the processing, their stems and veins are removed to acquire a richer and more balanced flavour. Later these are steamed and dried, de-veined and de-stemmed, and finally ground in a stone mill for powdering, after which a fine powder is achieved called Matcha.

Due to the presence of epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG, matcha helps to prevent diseases like prostate cancer and controls blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. The healthy compounds in matcha give this product a bright green colour that comes from its green tea leaves, and the more vibrant green the colour is, of the matcha powder, the fresher it is considered to be.

Benefits Of Consuming Matcha Powder


Traditionally consumed in East Asia, matcha is gaining huge popularity in all corners of the world for its benefits. Some of them are its anti-inflammatory properties that help pacify sensitive skin from rashes, acne, and irritation. This superfood protects against cancer, helps safeguard the liver, enhances cardiac health, enhances brain function, aids in weight loss, assists with arthritis prevention, and reduces blood pressure.

Although this antioxidant-rich and remarkable superfood is noticing rapid growth due to its health benefits, if you have never used Japanese matcha powder yet, you can get it from reliable online stores that offer a great collection of Matcha.

This product also relieves fatty livers, which is crucial for eliminating toxins and digesting nutrients. Several patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease who were given 500 mg of green tea extract were monitored over three months. People who took green tea extract had lower levels of liver enzymes than the control group.

How To Properly Use Japanese Matcha Powder

To begin with, to adequately stimulate the advantages of matcha powder, you should utilise it with leniency and care. Preparing your matcha is a very upfront task, and it serves a very nice therapeutic 5 minutes that are specifically made for yourself!

For a truly healthy and rejuvenating experience, an easy meal or snack idea is mixing it up with chia seeds, almond milk or coconut milk, and some natural sweeteners like stevia to mellow down its raw verdant flavour. Surely you can add any mix-ins of your choice, from chocolate chips, roasted nuts, or some fresh fruit.

Matcha Powder For Professionals And Fitness Freaks


Matcha powder can be consumed as a drink after breakfast in the morning or in late afternoons when you need something to keep you rejuvenated and awake. This helps several sitting jobs personnel to deal with lethargy and procrastination issues. Not only for the professionals with desk jobs but for working experts who have got to do several multi-tasking and high concentration level jobs. Mixing your matcha green tea with sugar, lemon, honey, and non-dairy milk to make your drink more interesting.

For that fitness and slimming enthusiast looking for a much healthier add-on to their already fibrous meal, they should try combining them with matcha. For example, Green Granola; in this recipe, roasted nuts and juicy blueberries, along with green matcha, could do wonders, and this also helps in toning down that strong green flavour. You could finally have a rich and heavy breakfast rich in vitamins, fibre, and healthy starch.

Cautions For Using Macha Powder

But when it comes to being cautious, it is recommended that pregnant women and lactating mothers avoid the intake of matcha as it may alter or even weaken the body’s capacity to utilise iron.

A dietary precaution is not to consume matcha powder before bed since it may heighten your caffeine level, which might keep you awake. Moreover, the consumption of Matcha should be warily avoided by those who have gastrointestinal problems, as it may affect digestion and metabolism. In addition, these issues can be further compounded if consumed in a fasting state, which can add to the problem.

People with medical conditions where they are on certain prescribed medications doctors recommend must also consult with the doctor first regarding the consumption of matcha. To avoid any medical complication due to the reaction of prescribed drugs with compounds in matcha.

Apart from the internal immunity of the body, Japanese Matcha green tea powder is also potent in providing greater hydration for all skin types. For this, it can be applied as masks mixed with honey, rice flour, banana, vinegar, and lemon for that natural supple glow on the skin. Try these masks and get radiant skin that makes your friends go green with envy.



Good quality Matcha has a sweet earthy flavour, and it is suggested to consume < 5g of matcha daily; nonetheless, for beginning drinkers, it is advisable to intake 2-3g each cup.

Add a spoon measuring 3-5gm of matcha powder to your mug.

Now add a splash of warm water into it, take a bamboo whisk and whisk it in a zig-zag motion until the mixture comes frothy and no lump or blob is visible around the side of the mug. Next, once you have this liquid, pasty texture, top up your cup with hot water and keep stirring; go on until it appears blended well.


So if you are someone who is looking to be healthier in general, seeks to lose weight, balance out those notorious out-of-whack hormones, and try to lessen period cramps (if you are a she), try to calm your mind and achieve overall amplified health, then start considering of adding miraculous Japanese Matcha Powder to your daily routine! And you know what?

You can brew it, shake it, mix it, blend it or simply mask it, and your body and senses will thank you for this. After all, who doesn’t prefer a daily wellness routine that could provide a steady source of energy that nurtures a calming concentration in mind and provides nutritional advantages to the body!! So this new year, be ready to glow green.