Small businesses and startups are now endangered more than ever, so owners are trying to come up with different ways to boost sales and recognition. We all know that without proper marketing even the most popular brands will fail to sell as much as they are selling at the moment. The market is overcrowded and it’s not a secret that most of the budget in the corporate world is used for advertising purposes. Even if you have no previous experience with this and you are just starting out now, you probably know that there are multiple different ways to advertise. The only thing limiting you is your creativity. But, in today’s article we’ll help you learn.

Promotional products are one of the best ways to build a community. But, it’s not easy to realize this until you see what kind of a difference it makes in the real world. Ever wondered why political parties and other businesses are investing so much in these promotional products? Well, now we’re going to list all seven reasons. If you are planning to do something like this in the future, or you’re just looking to learn some more out of curiosity, this is the right place to be. Let’s take a look.

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1. Your customers will feel rewarded

As a consumer myself, I always feel like receiving a free branded product whenever I purchase something from a certain brand is a wonderful thing. I feel rewarded, and I’m pretty sure that others feel like that as well. It’s just the small things that build up trust and connection between the average customer and the brand-owner. A lot of large businesses are already implementing this, and they are all trying to find ways how to properly do it in a manner that suits their sphere. For example, with every Ryzen CPU you purchase from AMD, you get free stickers, a code that you can use on their website and a few other cool extra branded items that you can use for decoration.

2. It is the most valuable form of marketing

Promotional products are the most valuable form of marketing, and do you know why? Because when a person wears a Microsoft T-shirt for example, it means that they really support the brand so much that they decide to represent that by wearing a branded product on their own body, allowing others to see them in that fashion. And, when the brand is not fashion-related, it has even more value behind it. If you are not sure where to start, ZigPac is a website that has tons of interesting ideas and stickers such as custom sticker rolls.

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3. You get to save money by doing it

It’s not a secret that promotional products are one of the cheaper things that you can do in terms of marketing, especially when you compare them with things such as huge billboards on shopping malls and endless digital ads on social media. With the money you’d pay for a billboard you can manufacture thousands of pens with your logo on it to hand out in schools or anywhere else.

4. Promotional products build loyalty

Not everyone will decide to wear a branded T-shirt or use a phone case with your logo on it unless you are a brand that has something very solid to offer. But, when you reach that point where your followers will start rocking your merch as a sign of support, it means that you’re close to getting on top. Once again, promotional products build loyalty, and although it doesn’t seem like much at first, it’s definitely a very rewarding feeling the one your customers get whenever you give them something for free. Stickers, phone cases, pens, t-shirts or key chains, they all mean quite a lot to the average consumer.

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5. Gifts for all your business partners

A business owner will have regular business meetings, and one those meetings they’ll meet people that are influential. If you have some great promotional products, and your business partners end up liking them, there’s a high chance they’ll use them in their everyday life. And, if this ends up happening, you are basically receiving high-quality marketing for free, or, for a very cheap price at least. Whenever someone sees them pull out a key chain with your logo on it, they’ll wonder what it is. Free recognition.

6. Campaigns will be much more impactful

Hosting campaigns and meetings is something that every business owner needs to do, but these meetings will have a much better impact if you hand out free promotional products to bystanders, followers, and mostly everyone else that arrives to show their support on your meeting. Even those that are now learning about your brand for the first time will be more than glad to receive a promotional product for free.

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7. Employees will present the brand in a convenient way

If each one of your employees is branded, the entire picture of your business will become more professional and trustworthy. The work atmosphere in your working environment will change when everyone is wearing an official t-shirt with the logo of the company. Then, when your employees walk around and other people see them, they’ll represent the brand in a convenient way, and everything looks better and more “serious” if that’s the right word for it. You probably understand what I’m trying to say. When your startup invests in promotional products, people take it more seriously and it’s not just a “tryout” anymore, it’s a serious business with strong branding capabilities.


Promotional products can really boost your business, and even if you are not a startup, they can still have a huge impact when it comes to recognition and awareness. Marketing is very important nowadays, and instead of just “mindlessly” pumping money into advertisements that nobody really watches in 2022, you can get more creative and reward all of your employees, fans and followers with promotional products. It’s one of the best ways to gain the trust and form loyalty with a lot of people, including your business partners and anyone who finds your business and brand appealing.