The latest in what seems to be a string of amazing Revealed releases, 19-year-old newcomer Thomas Newson will be debuting his new single \”Pallaroid\” next month, which is theĀ infamous Tomorrowland ID during Hardwell\’s set. The preview has been a major hit within the EDM community, amassing hundreds of thousands of views alone, and the track itself, which is filled with high octane drops and heavyset electro bass lines in full-effect, packs an explosive energy into this inaugural offering from the young producer, asserting that The Netherland\’s still has a few tricks up its sleeves where groundbreaking new talent is concerned. Earlier today, Revealed posted a short preview with Hardwell\’s narration on how the track became to be. You can watch that by clicking here, and you can listen to a full exclusive HQ preview below.

\”Pallaroid\” is set to release next month on Revealed Recordings.