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Betting on sports is an immensely popular activity around the world and it is also a lucrative and fast-rising industry. Considering how important it is nowadays to the average sports fan, it is not difficult to understand why the contemporary way of following sports goes hand in hand with an occasional bet. Football is by far the best bet on sport on the globe and the major European leagues are the source of the best matches to wager on. No matter which one you choose there are numerous exciting matches to try and win some money off of.

However, arguably the most exciting and uncertain national football league in Europe, and the world, is the English Premier League. Throughout its history, it has had the highest number of successful teams both on the national and European stages. The stars who came from the United Kingdom prefer to stay within their borders while international stars rarely decline an offer from the heavyweights like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, or Arsenal.

When once plans to bet on the Premier League, there are numerous things worth considering and a lot of statistics and data that should carefully be examined and taken into account. If you wish to take your betting game to a whole new level and start winning more often when you bet on English football, there are certain things to know and care about. In order to help you with this and elevate you above the average bettors, we decided to assemble a list of Premier League betting statistics you need to know. To learn more, make sure to check out bookmakeradvisor.

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Basic Overview

English national football is played between 20 teams each of which plays two games against every other team. This comes down to 38 games for every team and a total of 380 games. First four teams at the end of the season are eligible for UEFA Champions League group stage next season, while the fifth seed goes to the Europa League group stage. The three last seeded teams are relegated to the lower tier of the competition, the English League Championship.

The modern league was founded in 1992, but the first league of England has been around since 1888. Since 1992, 49 different teams competed in the league but only seven have won the prestigious title. Manchester United did it 13 times, Chelsea has 5, Manchester City has 4, Arsenal has 3, and Blackburn Rovers, Leicester City, and Liverpool each have 1.

Stats to Consider

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Now it is time to talk about the crucial statistics you have to know about before you are able to place bets that will win you money. Professional bettors and bookies also use these tactics so why shouldn’t’ you?

1. Profit and Loss

Each team has a different profit and loss ratio that can be calculated. Also, the return on investment percentage gives you a clear indication of how much you can expect from a certain team. This is done by assuming that you stake £10 on a team to win every game so far in the current season. For example, let us take Leicester. They have played 29 games, their profit/loss is £193.50, and the return investment is 67%. They lead the stats by quite a margin, since Everton is way behind them with 29 games, £131 profit/loss, and 47% return on investment.

In comparison, the leader and the probable winner of this year’s title race Manchester City is in the middle with 30 games, £2.80 profit/loss, and 1% return on investment. To put this in perspective, City has 71 points and is first on the table, Leicester is third with 65 points, and Everton is eight with 46 points.

2. Goals Scored

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It is all about the goals when you bet on football, and English football is a tough one to guess in terms of goals. There are far more goals per season on average in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, as well as more chances. Since the first season in 1992, there have been 2.65 goals per game but in the last ten years the number has gone up to 2.75. There are almost always more than 1,000 goals per season but less than 1,100.

3. Chance Conversion

Speaking of goals, we should also mention chances. The leader, City, is the worst at converting their chances with only 21.23% accuracy this season. However, they have the most shots per game at 15.7 and the most goals per game at 5.9. United, who are second on the table, are only fifth in conversion with 25.06% of their shots finding the net, or 5.66 goals on 13.76 shots. Leeds United, the eleventh team this season, converts on 24.75% of their chances. This means that things are quite unpredictable which is why you should know them.

4. Home and Away Wins

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The Premier League is famous for the fact that anyone can beat anyone no matter who is the defending champ and who is set for relegation once the season ends. In such a league, home-court advantage means a lot but does not have to be the deciding factor every season. Taking the past champions into account, they have been very successful at home with Liverpool leading the way with 100% of home games won in 2024 and Leicester being the worst with 63% of home games won when they won the title in 2016.

With away win percentage things are quite different. Manchester City leads the way in the last ten seasons with 84% of away games won and United are the worst with 26% of their away games won in 2011.

5. Tied Games

Betting on tied games in not that fun or popular, although it is lucrative. There are a lot of draws in England but the top teams and those aiming for the title rarely do it. Liverpool and City did it only twice on the way to their recent titles, but Leicester had 12 draws in 2016. United had 11 in 2011. It still awards points and is better than losing, but rarely anyone opts to deliberately play for a draw. You should know this when making bets.

6. Average Points Per Champion

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In the last ten years, the average points needed to win the league is 86.9, with City winning 100 in 2018 as the record. United only needed 80 in 2011.

7. Other Competitions

English teams also compete in domestic cups and European stages, and have the most games out of any other country’s teams. Take such a packed schedule into consideration with your bets.

8. Referees and VAR

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The refereeing in England is infamous for numerous questionable decisions and ruined games, chances, and title hopes. VAR did not change much as some truly bizarre scenarios have been happening in the last few years.