Porter Robinson released his first single \”Sea of Voices\” from his new album \”Worlds\” on Sunday in both a Facebook and Twitter post. Jet lagged in Australia, Robinson tweeted a stream of deep consciousness, explaining to fans what writing this song and album means to him.

The 21-year-old explained how torn he was between satisfying himself as an artist and the dance sounds that fans are used to, even considering creating a new alias.

\”I realized that my need to be honest with myself and with you was greater than my need to be famous or whatever,\” Robinson tweeted.

But if you were looking for more on-your-feet songs, don\’t worry. Robinson said he isn\’t completely abandoning his old stuff, just taking some time to explore new sounds. The feeling of \”Language\” is what\’s keeping him grounded, saying it is \”the gate\” between the old and the new.

Listen to \”Sea of Voices\” here and let the mystic trills and wispy voice take you away to another world.


To read Robinson\’s thoughts on his new song, check out his Twitter page.

Photo source: Porter Robinson\’s SoundCloud