In the midst of ongoing success from his Worlds album, Porter Robinson is preparing to embark on the second journey of his latest project. His live Worlds tour, which kicked off in Vancouver last night, seems to be a visual experience just as much as it is a listening one. Robinson has said time and time again that Worlds was the one thing he was most excited about and proud of, and from the video sneak peek we\’ve gotten from the 22-year old producer over Twitter, it definitely seems to be that way.

\”It\’s meant to be an experience that\’s like, it\’s exciting in an emotional way. It\’s the proudest I think I\’ve ever been of any live concert experience, and I think it\’s exactly the show that somebody who\’s a fan of the record would want to go see,\” says Robinson.

The tour seems to be intricate, packed with colorful imagery and….Porter\’s live vocals? Yes.


Take a deeper look into the world of Worlds:


There are still tickets available for select cities, including Chicago. You can purchase them here.