If you haven\’t noticed already, many of the mainstream DJ/producers in the industry are advertising for the Top 100 DJ MAG awards. Some of the artists give free music, some post videos of crazy moments of the year in hopes of getting the fans to vote for them. This year, dutch DJ and founder of Protocol Recordings, Nicky Romero, has cleverly found a different way to get voter\’s attention. He now has a video game you can play called #PlayNicky.

Essentially, it is a pixelated platform game where you control Nicky to jump and slide under obstacles so he can make it to his show. You get more points by not ruining your momentum and are penalized by losing points by running into obstacles ending Nicky\’s momentum. As you run and fly (you go in a helicopter) through the levels, you are serenaded by a 8-bit version of his famous single \”Toulouse\”. Your final score is compared to a global score. If you reach this high score, you will unlock the \”Toulouse\” rework you hear. Talk about thinking outside of the box. Watch the video on what to expect playing this game.

Click here to Play the Game!