Although there are different providers that offer crazy deals, such as which you can opt for to watch all of your favorite movie channels.

However, sometimes that is not enough. People crave more! They don’t want to wait for the channels to play the films they want to watch. Instead, they just want to rent the freshly released flicks so they may enjoy them as soon as possible.

Luckily, there are different platforms that allow people to rent movies online. This is a pretty big deal for anyone who is a fan of Hollywood. After all, nobody wants to wait for an eternity for the channels to show the latest flicks. And companies have understood the demand for home entertainment. So, without any further ado, here are some of the best places to rent movies online.

1. Amazon Prime Video


The first one on this list is Amazon Prime Video. This platform is simply great when it comes to online renting. It will give you access to the Prime Video collection, where you will be able to discover thousands of titles. If you are subscribed to the service, then you will be able to enjoy any movie from their massive library. However, do keep in mind that the recent releases and premieres will be available to you for an additional fee.

Amazon Prime gives you the option to either purchase the movie or rent it in both HD and SD format. If you are going to buy the movie, then it will be stored permanently in your library. But if you are going to rent it, then you will usually have 48 hours to watch it.

The Quality

Amazon Prime Video will give you an option to watch the film in HD at a resolution of 1080p. It will feature enhanced sound with 5.1 multi-channel audio. If you are going to watch a movie in HD, then you must have a strong internet connection so that you can enjoy it without have buffering issues.

Apart from HD, you can also watch the flicks in Ultra High Definition or UHD. Viewing it in UHD means that you will be getting to experience it in 4K resolution. But only select this option if you have a decent internet connection that offers at least 15Mbps speed.

2. Apple TV


Apple TV is another major platform that enables users to rent movies. However, its library is not as impressive as compared to Amazon Prime Video. But it does offer exclusive content which you will not be able to find anywhere else, making the platform highly appealing for people to subscribe to. After all, you will be able to watch the original content of Apple while others will not be so lucky unless they decide to subscribe.

The Quality

While other platforms may offer you different price points for the quality you select to watch the rentals; Apple doesn’t do that. Instead, it offers one high-quality price point. And the rentals will play in the highest available resolution, whether that is 4K or 1080p.

Subscribing to Apple TV may be costly, but it is the experience that you are paying for. The platform strives to be the best and does everything to make your viewing experience as smooth as possible. Apple TV is quite easy to use and has a great design. It is certainly a great option for those who already use Apple services and products.

3. Vudu Movie Rentals


If you are looking for a platform that is super simple to use, then look no further! Vudu Movie Rentals is your answer. It has a filter feature which, after you select, a list of different options will appear. All you have to do is check those which you want, like year produced or ratings. And the platform will show you the relevant titles according to your preference. If you are searching for free content, then you will be presented with two options. The first is Free with Ads, and the second is Movies on Us. Both options will include hundreds of films.

The Quality

Similar to Amazon Prime Video, Vudu Movie Rentals will give you the option to rent the flicks in SD and HD. Also, for some movies, it will give you the option to rent them in UHD.

But do keep in mind, the higher the resolution you choose to view the movie, the more internet bandwidth you will require.

4. Google TV


If you are not interested in any of the first three platforms, then you might want to give a try to Google TV. Why? Well, because it’s Google! And everyone knows they don’t mess around when it comes to delivering quality services. So, what makes Google TV so special.

Well, first things first, it has an amazing user interface. You can find the movies quite easily. Secondly, there’s a lot of options available for you. When selecting a flick, you can choose by trying the genres and listing options. Moreover, you will be able to find the option of “free movies.” This feature will allow you to rent a couple dozen flicks completely free.

The Quality

Google TV allows users to play the movies in standard definition on any supported device. The HD resolution is supported for Android and iOS devices along with Roku, Chromecast, and laptops. The platform also offers UHD resolution, which is available for televisions as well as supported devices.


These are just four of the platforms from where you can rent movies online. There are a couple more that deserve a mention here, and they are, Fandango, and YouTube Movies.

When it comes to selecting the service where you want to rent your movie, keep in mind that it is your own personal need that will determine the right platform for you. If you already use iOS products, then Apple TV is the best pick for you. Similarly, if you like Google, then you might want to try Google TV. Plus, the service offers some free flicks which you can enjoy. It will help you know how good they are. Some of these platforms also offer discounts, so do keep an eye on that as well.