PCB or printed circuit boards are which provide conducting and insulating layers for electrical equipment and devices. It allows soldering on the outer layers of electrical components and ensures a reliable electrical connection. Printed circuit boards are used in almost every electronic device and equipment, and hence the demand is relatively high in the market.

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In this article, you will get insights into the top best PCB assembly manufacturer in the USA.

1. Rush PCB Inc.


Rush PCB Inc. is one of the leading PCB assembly manufacturers in the USA. They manufacture high-quality printed circuit boards for leading technology companies around the world. The company is situated in California and specializes in PCB fabrication, PCB design, PCB assembly, and prototype PCB.

The company has years of expertise in delivering top-notch quality services at affordable prices based on your requirements. They offer their services in several industrial sectors and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

2. Titan Circuits

Titan Circuits is located in Arizona and specializes in manufacturing high-mix, low to medium volume printed circuit boards. They provide their services in different sectors, including military, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, and automobile industries.

They have the experience that ensures smooth electronic manufacturing and provides premium quality services to their clients. Avail these assembly services at cost-effective prices and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. They provide their services to both small and big multinational companies and ensure the same quality of services to their clients.

3. Journey Circuits Inc.


Journey Circuits Inc. is situated in Illinois. They are one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality, trusted, and affordable printed circuit boards that can serve all your business requirements, prioritizing customer satisfaction years after years. Their products include PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, and stencils.

The company is well-known for great customer service, quality products at affordable prices, and the fastest delivery on time. They have a personalized expert team to understand your business needs and deliver the best quality products at reasonable rates.

4. TechnoTronix

TechnoTronix is another US-based company situated in California. They have been in the business of manufacturing printed circuit boards for a long time with experience in providing PCB assembly and manufacturing services along with other electronic technologies to different technology companies.

Their products include printed circuit boards with rigid, metal-core and flexible PCB. The company also provides prototypes as per the demands of clients. They offer their services in several industrial sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, military, renewable and solar energy, and much more.

5. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)


ACI is one of the leading and world-class RF manufacturers and suppliers. The company is committed to delivering premium quality printed circuit boards meeting all customer requirements with years of experience. The company aims at improving the quality of management services to satisfy its clients and customers.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ensures zero defects while manufacturing its products. They offer their reliable services to different industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, defense, the medical sector, and a few others. The company mainly concentrates on producing RF and Microwave, 5G services, multi-layer PCBs, etc.

6. Optima Technology Associates Inc.

Optima Technology Associates Inc. is another US-based company that is expertise in manufacturing printed circuit assemblies and engineering services. The company is situated in Pennsylvania and offers complete electronic manufacturing services at the most economical costs for both small and big businesses.

They provide services that can comply with small, medium, or high volume business needs within a reasonable budget to help their clients and customers with high-quality service. The company is well-known for prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships with its clients.

7. RedBoard Circuits, LLC


RedBoard Circuits LLC is another leading US-based company situated in Arizona. The company manufactures its printed circuit boards from Taiwan and China. They are the largest PCB manufacturers and offer fast, reliable prototype services based on customer needs.

The company specializes in producing the most advanced PCB technology that includes single and double-sided and multi-layer PCBs, Rigid-flex and Flex PCB. Satisfying customer needs and expectations is their priority by delivering high-quality products throughout North America.

8. NexLogic

NexLogic is one of the top manufacturers of printed circuit boards in California. This US-based company offers microelectronics assembly services especially used in the medical sector to support different medical equipment. They have years of expertise in meeting both low and high-volume business demands.

The company aims at producing high-quality circuit boards, especially for medical products and equipment. Along with the medical sector, it extends its services into different industries, including military, telecommunications, oceanography, semiconductor companies, and other commercial purposes.

9. A.C.T. (USA) Int’l LLC


ACT (USA) Int’l LLC is another top US-based company that has been dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high-quality printed circuit boards for a very long period. The company is situated in Florida that has produced throughout different countries offering services at a much economical budget.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2015, providing solutions to meet customers’ expectations and demands. The company is committed to providing the best quality products and services and aims to maintain long-term relationships through customer satisfaction.

10. OnBoard Circuits

OnBoard Circuits is amongst the leading companies in Arizona that offer manufacturing and assembly services in printed circuit boards. The company delivers free prototypes with production based on clients’ needs and demands.

The products are made with precise detailing covering every phase of manufacturing. Their top-notch quality services are used in various sectors of the industry, including military, home appliances, aerospace, and research projects in universities.

The Bottom-line

These are the top PCB manufacturers in the USA. All of these companies ensure the best quality products and services and aim at prioritizing customer satisfaction. These companies can handle low and high-volume demands based on your business needs. These companies are trusted and reliable in providing printed circuit boards with an affordable budget.