The slowly simmering beef between EDM artists and instrumental musicians has been an intermittent struggle since EDM\’s rise in popularity. Sometimes these bursts can be hostile as with the Twitter feud between Deadmau5 and Arcade Fire, at at other times they can be downright funny.

We encountered the latter on Friday at Lollapalooza right here in Chicago. It happened that Kaskade and Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney had overlapping set times during which, during a pause between songs, McCartney made a comment that caught everyone off guard.

In the silence, the audience could hear the sound carrying over from Kaskade\’s stage at which point McCartney exclaimed that this was intentional because he was going to a live mashup of his next tune and \”…whatever s*** they\’re playing\”. He then continued nonchalantly on to play \”Here Today\” as if nothing hilarious had just happened at all. In the grand scheme of things, this was a mild and humorous jab, and really, who\’s going to lash back at Paul McCartney?