What felt like just a few weeks ago has turned into three months, and some of us are still buzzing from the thrill and excitement that was this year\’s Spring Awakening Music Festival. For those of you that don\’t know, or didn\’t attend, SAMF had some of the biggest names in EDM, as well as hosting the midwest debut of Jack Ü, which is still currently one of the most sought after sets from the entire 3-day event. Regardless of your specific taste in sub-genres, it\’s safe to say this past SAMF was able to cater to everyone\’s favorite style, and we\’re excited to see what it brings us in 2016. The aftermovie, linked below, encapsulates everything that was so amazing about this year\’s event. From the eccentric crowd, to the amazing effects during shows, and the overall energy, you can relive the entire weekend in just 4 minutes. Be sure to check out the official aftermovie below, and we\’ll see you at Spring Awakening next year.