Casinos are odd places. We’re all attracted by shiny lights and a chance of coming out with a win. This is nothing out of the ordinary. Sometimes when the stars align you can exit a casino as a much richer person. It has happened to many people. Some games at a casino allow you to win even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We could say even millions, but we don’t need to go there. You can even go for that sum, but it might require going in with heavy artillery.

One of the games that have drawn players in since forever is slot machines. These devices are the shiniest of them all, and it’s been some time since people have become infatuated with them. The lights, the sounds, the manner in which you need to play are what make them special. In addition, yes, you can win massive prizes if you’re struck by luck, or if you’re persistent enough. There are chances that you can win a jackpot, and for most players, that’s all they need to hear. If you want to know what are the odds of getting a jackpot on a slot machine, you should keep reading this article. We sure hope that you won’t feel too pessimistic after you get to the end of this piece.

How Slot Machines Operate


Slot machines have come a long way since the first one was created. These days you can see them as computers. Yes, they’re smart. No, they will not turn into transformers. But, they are powered by a certain AI. When it comes to these devices they’re running on a program called a random number generator. Thanks to the RNG, slot machines are going to determine the number of spins and the outcome of reels. Its names suggest that it doesn’t operate on a set of rules. No, in fact, it is completely random as its name suggests. What this means is that the number of combinations is almost limitless. The variations of symbols that a slot machine can generate are determined by this program, and yes it is in all cases a completely random outcome.

Back in the day, slot machines were a lot less complicated. Mechanical ones could have never reached the heights that the new ones, computer-powered ones reached some time ago. Because of their newly-discovered sophistication, the new machines can generate an almost limitless number of combinations. If you are an avid player, you’ll notice that some symbols come out more often, others rarely, and some will seem like they’re always there. Because of all of this, it might seem to you now that the chances of winning are slim. But, things are actually quite different. With the number of combinations, there are, yes, your chances of hitting on a jackpot are slim. But, the best part is, that when you do hit one it is going to be a massive one. If you don’t want to take our word on it, that’s fine. If you want, then you can play some slot machines right away at this source.

What Are The Odds of Winning?


Like we said in the part above most of what this machine gives you comes from a random number generator. While it is completely random, like meeting the love of your life n an elevator, the house still has an edge. After all, casinos are there for the money. If you want a safer bet, try an investment like Bobby Axelrod in Billions. If you want more excitement head to a casino. As far as casinos go, let’s talk roulette as an example where you have numbers from 1 to 36 and a zero. But when you win the odds that the casino gives you are 35 to 1 while the chances of hitting the right number are 36 to 1. Clearly, the casino has the edge.

Slot machines use a similar principle. Of course, there are much more combinations. When we say more, we’re not only talking hundreds. This is more in the domain of thousands and millions. The RNG software makes it like this. Not only that the combinations are random, the one that will give you the jackpot will also change with each spin. Because of this, there isn’t an easy way to tell the odds of winning. Yes, there are payouts, and yes they can be quite massive but it always differentiates how much each combination pays. This is what makes it so much fun. Like being a runner in the Maze Runner franchise. Scary, but exciting. If you’re like Minho and know what you’re ding, there’s nothing to worry about.


Back in the day, the old mechanical slots were easy to calculate. Without the RNG, it was simple math. You had 3 reels which had 20 symbols in each reel. When you put the math to work, it gave you a 7,999 to 1 chance to win it all. These were fine odds for most players who fell in love with this game. Today, odds are not a piece of know information. What you should focus on instead is the return to player option.  This is how you’ll know how many chances are given to a player to have some of what’s invested back. Even with high RTP, the casinos are still an advantage, as they have always been.

Whatever your approach to playing these games is going to be in the future, have the lesson we laid in front of you in mind. When something is based on randomness, you have a chance at the highest prize. But the matter of fact is that you should play slots for fun, and occasional win, and all in a joyful manner on a set bankroll. If you plan on going all in, we sure hope that you have some of that Josh Hartnett mojo he carried with himself when playing Slevin Kelevra in Lucky Number Slevin. May the odds be with you, that on the day you sit behind a slot machine and make the reels spin they hit the jackpot on your third spin.