Household EDM duo The Chainsmokers and bass music heavyweight NGTMRE come together on their new single “Save Yourself”. This collaboration may seem unexpected on the surface, but prevails as a true highlight of the year for both sides. As the track builds we hear the tension and emotion expected from The Chainsmokers which is then blended with NGHTMRE’s signature, heavy  and high energy drop. “Save Yourself” truly nails the festival vibe both artists were going for. Read about what The Chainsmokers and NGHTMRE themselves had to say about the collaboration below:

“We are really excited about this tune. Tyler (NGHTMRE) has been a good friend of ours for sometime and we always talked about how great it would be to work together on a song. We have always been a huge fan of his style of producing and thought that if we came together on a song we could make something really unique and badass, and the idea of making something really gnarly was very appealing… We come from the dance world, those are our roots and we are really excited to release a song that is deeply rooted in that with NGHTMRE. We think our fans will be really excited about this one…” The Chainsmokers

“The guys and I had been talking about working on something together for a little while. I was excited to hear they wanted to create a heavier track with more of a festival vibe. Everything just came together so perfectly in the end and the track has been smashing in our live shows. Hope you guys like it as much as we do!”NGHTMRE

Just as NGHTMRE said, this song has been “smashing” in their live shows. Save yourself from FOMO and stream “Save Yourself” below: