EDM culture is synonymous with drug use, however, in recent years, a new drug stemmed from MDMA, a derivative of ecstasy, has been crowned the EDM Drug. You may have heard of it, and if you\’ve ever been to a festival or a show, you\’ve been offered this: molly. Molly is an intense drug that allegedly produces an¬†extremely gratifying feeling, with an extreme crash that follows it. Up until this point, Molly hasn\’t really been a drug that we\’ve heard gets abused – however, that all changes after MTV\’s hit show, \”True Life\”, has decided to air 2 episodes dedicated to people that literally cannot live without their Molly fix. The first of the two episodes will be airing tonight at 9/8c on MTV, and you can watch a 20-second teaser of it below, as well as, read a brief synopsis. This is serious stuff, so hopefully, these episodes truly give a wake-up call to those who are abusing this drug, or any hard drug for that matter.

True Life: I\’m Hooked On Molly | December 9th: 8PM Central / 9PM Eastern

Update: You can now watch the full episode online here below!