When our parents reach an age when they need help and we cannot be around for various reasons – one of the best solutions is to provide them with assisted living. We suggest you look at some of our tips for moving your elderly parents to assisted living and find out how to help them in this significant life change.

Moving Parents To A Nursing Home Or An Assisted Living Facility

Your parents, for whom you are the only support, have grown old – and can no longer live alone. On the other hand, you have a demanding job, children, and responsibilities – and you cannot properly take care of them. The environment scolds you for not taking care of them better, you don’t know what to do, and you feel bad about it? Then this is a text you should read! How often have you heard judgments against people who placed their parents in a nursing home or an institution that provides assisted living? Unfortunately, in many environments, there is still a strong opinion that placing your parents in a nursing home or an assisted living facility means that you do not care for them. And is it truly so? Of course not! In fact, in most cases, you will make the situation easier for them – because you will provide them with health care, help, and the company we all desperately need.

Challenges You Have To Face


Getting old is inevitable and should be accepted as such. However, when we reach a certain age, we are not always ready enough to accept that we need help. That can sometimes lead to the appearance of a whole specter of emotions on both sides – with parents who have reached their later years and children who are not always able to respond to their needs. That’s when we most often come to the point when we decide to move parents to assisted living facilities. Regardless of the circumstances, moving your old but loved ones to a different place is always accompanied by emotional turbulences. Therefore, we need to know some things to better prepare our parents for the new phase of their lives – and so that we can accept such an emotional challenge and the new situation in the best possible way. Therefore, keep in mind some of our suggestions that can help you get through the transition period together more easily.

1. Take some time so you can both accept the new situation

The truth is, being old and needing help is quite a change for your beloved parents and so it is for you. The entire daily routine you had before is now changing. However, you should feel calm since your beloved ones will be under the supervision and getting all the needed care – as well as the company of other people, and that is what they truly need. Therefore, they will not feel alone or neglected. On the other hand, you’ll get a bit more time, and these use that chance to organize yourself better. Then, your visits, and the time you spend with your loved ones will be of better quality.

2. No, they are not going to be lonely, so stop thinking that way


Of all the prejudices we are enslaved to – this one is the worse. Specialized centers for assisted living are places where your Mom or Dad won’t be alone. They can socialize with other users, talk to other people who are about the same age – and therefore have other interests closer to theirs, similar experiences, or needs. According to, centers such as assisted living in Pocatello, Idaho, and similar, organize activities that will help them maintain and improve their physical and mental well-being – and they will enjoy the company of people who are in a similar situation. Finally, the fact that you have moved them to such an institution does not mean that you have abandoned your beloved ones. On the contrary! The doors of such places are always open for family members and friends who want to visit the users and spend time with them.

3. Choose a place that also provides adequate care

Those you love will feel better when someone’s job is to take good care of them. So, choose a facility where there is always a person to help them if they are not well, bring what they need, and take care of them in any way they need. Unlike you, who have to go to work and leave them alone for a certain period – senior care centers have more people hired, and someone is always there to look out for your beloved ones. It is only up to you and your parents to choose together the most adequate that offers the best services that meet their needs. When you are sure about the choice you made – things will change for the better. You will no longer be constantly frustrated because you don’t have time to finish everything – going to work, looking after an infirm parent, and trying to be a good parent yourself. These issues reflect in all other spheres of your life. Therefore, make a good choice together with your parents.

4. Be involved in the life and activities of your parents after moving to senior care


This is very significant. Namely, it is not enough to just find a place and help your parents move. On the contrary! Now is the proper time to show them empathy and emotions. It is very important to stay involved in the life of your parents and their activities. Even though you don’t see each other every day, try to let them know in every way that they are not being rejected or neglected. Show interest in what they do now when they live in another place. Don’t neglect regular visits – and show them how much you care about them.


Many misconceptions are still present today when it comes to moving your parents into a nursing home or an assisted living center. People are often full of prejudices – without actually knowing much about the benefits that these places offer. Psychologists and social workers suggest that you don’t worry about who will say what – but provide your beloved ones with the care of those who know how to do it and who will always be there if they need something. And the time you normally spend with your Mom or Dad will continue to be spent – only in a different place adapted to their new life needs.