One of the first and most important keys to note when navigating around a gambling site is that gamblers are not born. Nobody is born a gambler; even if the parents are gamblers, the child will have to grow up to either choose between being a gambler or not. Most successful gamblers don’t even start young being gamblers, although some might have started gambling at a very tender age. This primarily results in problem gambling. There are, however, several pointers, indicators, and motivators that move regular individuals to become gamblers. While some are natural flair for gambling, others find it as means of recreation (just like playing video games).

Nonetheless, five motivational dimensions are explaining why most individuals go into visiting gambling sites and their expectations. As mentioned earlier, gamblers are not born; they are made. Hence, here is a highlight of these dimensions

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1. Hitting the jackpot:

Every gambler wants to be successful at gambling, and this same energy is what gambling sites adopt to ensure gamblers lose their wagers. Hence, gamblers ensure they stay motivated with the “Yes, I can” mentality. Hitting the jackpot is what every gambler wants to achieve. Hence, the whole strategies, gaming experience, and expertise is channeled towards this end. Most gamblers play online slot games because of the huge progressive jackpot. Most times, the jackpot accumulated millions of dollars before finally being won by just one individual. This is a risk every gambler is willing to take. Inasmuch as the progressive jackpot stands, the motivation remains active, and the more they try hitting the jackpot. The jackpot in itself is the main reason why gamblers play online slot machines because the jackpot is a one-time win! It’s enormous and instant! Unlike betting continually to win over and over or win and lose and, in some cases, lose and lose, the progressive jackpot allows a one-time HUGE win.

Gamblers’ motivation is surrounded and kept alive with the jackpot staying active. The more it stays active, the more gamblers get motivated to play, and the more they play and lose, the bigger the jackpot grows.

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2. Intellectual challenge:

As explained earlier, not many individuals gamble for the money per se. Some gamblers gamble for self-satisfaction. At the same time, others gamble to make more money. In this case, gamblers could go into gambling to challenge their intellectual capacity. The same way most academics challenge themselves to take courses in almost all faculties, some individuals challenge themselves to gamble to be sure they are intelligent enough to adapt to the newly found hobby. To gamblers in this category, they are not primarily particular about making money off gambling for their interest. Most of them make money from gambling only to send them out as donations or to charity.

Most gamblers borne due to intellectual challenge don’t become problem gamblers, unlike those with the aim of hitting the jackpot to change their social life. They are neither desperate to make quick bucks nor complacent to take up challenges. Rather than being sober when they lose, they re-strategize and go again and keep trying until they become experts. To these groups of individuals, gambling is an art. Hence, they turn out to be Book Authors on how to make money from gambling, while other hold lectures and seminars on the ways to adopt in other to be successful at gambling.

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3. Social rewards:

Some gamblers gamble for social rewards. These gamblers are mostly those that partake in competitions—representing their districts and cities in interstate competitions. Unlike other forms of gambling, they might be horse racing or playing cards. These individuals gamble in other to get social rewards or accolades for being good at what they do. They are not particular about making money off gambling; they aim at winning for a particular set of people. They are mostly regarded as the heroes of others. Most of the money gotten from these gambling competitions is used to mark something great for the city while the real gamblers and the brains behind this win get awarded.

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4. Mood changes/Recreation:

One of the most flooded reasons why gamblers gamble. This could be linked to the similarities between gambling and playing video games. Gamblers who gamble for mood changes or recreations are linked to those who play video games for fun. However, most gambling sites have made it possible for gamblers to play online casino games for fun (without real money). So, instead of playing video games that you are most familiar with, you get to play casino games for fun. You don’t need to wager or undergo the pressure or winning. All you need to do is play and catch all the thrills you get while playing for real money. The only difference between playing casino games in gambling sites for fun and real money is that, when playing for fun, you don’t get paid even when you win.

Again, not all gamblers gamble for money. Most of them experience the fun and thrills real money gamblers experience while playing these games. Visit Casino Genie to choose online gambling sites to play casino games for real money and fun.

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5. The chance of winning:

This is similar to those that play in other to hit the jackpot. The only difference between these two-dimensional motivators is that while those that play to hit the jackpot have that one orientation, gamblers that gamble for the chance of winning want to become successful from playing casino games. The former might be a working-class individual with a regular gambling orientation. On the other hand, the latter gambles squarely and are more prone to being problem gamblers – even more than the first set of gamblers. Gambling for the chance of winning is seemingly a desperate way of approaching gambling as most individuals keep at it until they achieve their aim. While this motivation isn’t insufficient in itself, the mode of adoption by several gamblers in this category seems to the extreme.

The primary motive for all gamblers is to win irrespective of the gambling story’s motivational dimension; we all want to win. But the method adopted during the process of winning differentiates gamblers from one dimension to the other.