For a brief moment, even the world of sports had to stop because of COVID 19. But every fan of sports out there knew that sooner or later, the show would have to go on. But in most cases, watching games live is not available to us, so we watch on TV or over the internet. Naturally, watching games is all about excitement. So there is something that has to fill that void of watching the game in the stadium.

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Betting on the outcome of the match will certainly add that extra thrill we are all looking for, something that can add enthusiasm to viewing the game from your couch. So if you already know what sport you want to bet on, all that is left is to find the best possible odds and internet bookmakers. It is easier than ever before. Just check out, and you will be ready to go. But what if you want to find the most exciting sport to bet on? Then simply continue reading.

The first thing we have to mention is that there is no same answer to this question for everyone. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is undoubtedly applied here as well. So if someone is one sport’s kind of guy or girl, that sport will be most exciting to them.

Someone else might only enjoy watching games in the company of others, and to them, it would not matter that much what sports that is. But that is all subjective. What about something that is more objective. There are several factors that could decide what makes a good betting sport, so we shall go through them.

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The first significant factor is the popularity of the sport. It stands to reason that the most successful ones are that for a reason. The problem is that the answer to this particular question depends on geography. Different parts of the world will have separate sports as the most popular one. Cricket or rugby, for example, is well-liked in some regions and then completely ignored in others. So if you live in India, Cricket is the answer, since it is the most popular sport. That same sport is looked down on in some other countries.

Maybe you are asking yourself, why does it matter what is everyone else believing? Well, the thing is, the more widespread something is, the more opportunities will exist for betting. Their games will be easier to catch on TV and streams, and general information about them will be more accessible. And if that is not enough, bookmakers will have a much more diverse option for betting as well.

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Another factor that can make betting interesting or dull is the predictability of results. Watching the games is fun and all, and fun is a factor, but the moment we start betting, we also care about profit. When it comes to odds and how likely we are to predict the result, not all competitive games are equal. For instance, boxing can put up quite a show and is always fun to watch. Furthermore, there are not many possible results here. Red corner wins, blue corner wins, or a draw. The simplicity of that is making the odds lower than we would like.

Upsets don’t happen that often, but the odds on favorites are pretty low. So if you place money on the favorite and win, that is not that much money. If he loses, you are angry. Betting on the outsider is rarely going to bring us money. So there is only one option that sounds like a complete win, betting on the outsider and winning. Too rare for a sport like boxing, MMA, or even Tennis to claim the title of the most exciting one.

Being too complex to bet on can also be a predicament. Let us look into something like baseball. No matter do you want to bet on the game itself or entire seasons. There are simply too many things that could happen that are not possible to predict with certainty.


It is way too often that upsets can happen. If you are something like a hunter on those upsets and they bring you much joy, then you have found your sport. It can be similar to basketball or even soccer, although not as much as baseball. Every sport that has a long season with many games suffer from this problem. It is not possible to play at the best of your limit for many months, so good teams make sure they are best when it counts.

That means they can lose due to resting start players and other factors, even to the worst of teams in the league. If you enjoy following the news about teams daily, and information like who is injured, who is resting, who just had a baby is something that you collect. Maybe these are sports for you. Another problem with them is some pure luck bets we can make. Who scores in the first inning in baseball, who wins the toss-up in basketball. These are often as predictable as flipping the coin. Not easy to make a profit on something like that, but if you like the sound of those gambles, go for it.

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So as we have seen, there is no one clear answer out there. But due to the diversity of sport out there, every one of us can find the perfect match. Some may want to follow a person and bet only on them. Fighting sports or tennis is something they would enjoy most, as they can cheer for their hero. Some might want to feel like a part of the team, and something like soccer or basketball would be a better fit for them. While there is no one clear answer that will be perfect for everyone, the important thing is that there is a perfect one for all of us. So maybe give a couple of different ones a try, and see what was most exciting.