Seeing Missy Elliot come out on stage at the Super Bowl brought back a flurry of memories like popping in “Now That’s What I Call Music” into your WalkMan just in time to catch the school bus. Missy Elliot proved to be an epic surprise for all Super Bowl viewers, as well as a great compliment to Katy Perry’s superb performance.

Obviously Missy Elliot’s performance did not go unnoticed because within hours of her set, three of her tracks soared up to the top 10 on the ITunes Singles Charts. “Work it” topped out at 4, “Get Your Freak On” at 5, and “Lose Control” came in at 7. We applaud Missy for her continued success and humbleness, but some fans believed she was undiscovered talent and was “blowing up” thanks to Katy Perry and the Super Bowl.

Before all this Super Bowl hype took place though, it was rumored that Missy had recorded a few verses to a remix she made of Jack-U’s “Take U There,” although the track is unreleased fans now more than ever are itching to get their hands on it.

As millions and millions of people looked on for the Super Bowl halftime, its reassuring that a childhood favorite like Missy Elliot made a triumphant return to the main stage, as enthusiasm for her performance was certainly not deflated.