Soundcloud\’s automated copyright detection has messed up. Again.

Its supposed errorless arm has struck multiple false alarms throughout its installment, and Martin Garrix has had enough of its defectiveness.

Following its mistake of removing \”Don\’t Look Down\” and \”WIEE\” in the past, songs that are rightfully produced and owned by Garrix, Soundcloud in six intervals has discarded four of the young producer\’s tracks this time.

yo @soundcloud can you guys for once stop fucking up..

— MARTIN GARRIX (@MartinGarrix) January 10, 2017

@MartinGarrix @SoundCloud lol so embarrassing…favorite part is I bet some random kids upload still hasn\’t gotten struck down but urs has

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) January 10, 2017

Garrix\’s frustration is certainly understandable seeing that this is the third time Soundcloud\’s copyright detection has defied its purpose.

So far the only response Soundcloud has given to Garrix is by its automated support team on twitter. Whether the tracks will be restored in a timely manner, we do not know as of this moment.

@MartinGarrix Hi Martin, we\’re looking into it. Our team will send you an email shortly. Cheers. /G

— SoundCloud Support (@SCsupport) January 10, 2017

It\’s not the first time Soundcloud\’s system has caused trouble, and likely won\’t be the last.

In an industry where streaming services continue to strive above one another, who knows how long until a competitor that encompasses Soundcloud\’s mobility but also free of its faults arises?