In an interview with Footballers Lives, Manchester United player and resident locker room DJ Ashley Young indicated that matchday vibes consist of \”house and funky house\”. Manager Louis van Gaal, known for his expressionless faces throughout games, is surprisingly a major proponent of this music. Young admitted that oftentimes van Gaal will vocally approve or disapprove the choice of music, but that he and the other players seem to enjoy house music the most.

Young, who took over the DJ position from former Man United player Patrice Evra, said that \”When the manager first came in, I had a playlist on; he shouted Darren Fletcher over and was like \’I don\’t like this!\’\”. From there, Young played \”Waves\” by Mr. Probz, which the manager approved of, and the house music has continued since. \”When I put on a good tune there are some that get up and dance to it – in their own way.\”

So if you\’ve ever wondered what some of the world\’s best soccer players listen to, thanks to Ashley Young we now know. For the full interview, watch below.