PSM stands for Professional Scrum Master. This is a role that is in a high demand across industries and is no longer limited to just the software industry. Scrum is one of the most widely accepted project management methodologies that has been tried and tested by some of the best organizations in the world. Originally developed for the software industry, its efficacy has prompted its adoption to various other industries making it one of the most efficient agile management methodologies.

Sites like will give you an in-depth understanding of the Scrum framework and help you to lead projects more efficiently. The Scrum methodology helps an organization to monitor and manage the essential factors of a project and its functioning. Highly recommended for smaller project teams, this method helps to deal with the dynamic development chart of a project and its intricate monitoring to ensure successful completion within the given time. It enhances the efficiency of every deliverable as the tasks are prioritized and then sorted into the deliverables. This ensures that important tasks are completed first without a hitch and the simpler tasks are then handled with ample time on hand.


The frequent interaction, reports and monitoring is an added advantage that ensures any changes that are to be made, are done so at checkpoints, instead of waiting for the completion of the project. This well divided project management methodology can be utilized for the completion of any task with the least bit of confusion. This simplicity, that it brings about and the efficiency that it offers are the main reasons as to why Scrum has become so popular across industries.

What does a Scrum Master do?

A Scrum Master functions as the facilitator to ensure that every member of the Scrum team follows the processes and achieves the objectives as needed. It is the job of the Scrum Master to make sure that the project work flow proceeds without any hitches by removing any obstacles that could hinder the progress. He acts as the bridge between the Scrum team and the external factors within the organization that contribute to the progress of the project.

It is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to coach his team members on the Agile processes and give them definitive roles in the project. The Scrum Master is required to hold stand up meetings daily to ensure everyone is aware of the updates and the progress of the other members of the team. It is also a crucial meeting to assign the task for the day and get to know the progress of the previously assigned tasks. He is also required to work cohesively with the product owners to ensure the product backlog is met and completed on time.

How will the PSM certification help and what does it include?


PSM course is a perfect choice for Project managers, Scrum team members, Software Developers, Product Owners, Software managers and all the other roles involved in the life cycle of a project. This will give them an upper hand in planning and the execution of their projects more efficiently. This of course is of great advantage for students or freshers who want to start their career in a promising way. While you can take the PSM exam anytime to get certified, it is always advisable that you increase your pass probability by getting trained on the nitty gritty of PSM before you attempt the exam. This will ensure you are well prepared and allow you to earn your certification at one go.

When you opt for PSM certification training in a good institute, you get a complete understanding of how a Scrum project can be managed and how it will help. Here are a few of the aspects of Agile Scrum Methodologies that you will learn about:

  • In a PSM certification course you will learn about the Scrum Framework which will include the principles and the various process theories that define the role of a scrum master in a project.
  • The course will also give you a clear understanding of how to define the completion of a project and product increment.
  • The elaborate case studies and learning that you will get will help you to work with the various tools and techniques that facilitate the running of a Scrum project in an organization.
  • It gives you a 360 degree understanding of how a Scrum project can be implemented in an organization successfully.
  • It prepares you with the intricacies of working with a team and managing the team with task allocation, monitoring and mentoring.
  • Most importantly it will give you a thorough understanding of your role as a Scrum Master and instill leadership skills as is needed to lead a team through a crucial project.

Why opt for PSM certification?


In an organization that uses Scrum methodology, the role of a Scrum Master is very crucial. In fact it was found that about 56% of companies across industries use Scrum as their agile methodology to empower their teams. With the convergence of more businesses that follow Agile Methodology the demand for a Scrum master is increasing. It is indeed the right time to opt for a PSM certification to equip you to lead agile teams efficiently.

If you already have hands-on knowledge of working in Scrum then the next best step for you will be to complete the PSM certification course from a renowned institute. Once you have been certified you are sure to get the best opportunities to lead Scrum teams to successfully complete projects.