It\’s Mad Decent Block Party season!

Diplo started the record label Mad Decent in 2005. After a few years of expanding Mad Decent, Diplo had the idea to create Mad Decent Block Party.

Mad Decent Block Party started in 2008. MDBP started as a small block party in Philadelphia, and  has quickly expanding ever since.  MDBP is a \”party\” which emphasizes DJ\’s that aren\’t afraid to experiment their own sound; it\’ known to make a fun, upbeat atmosphere for its attendees. MDBP\’s signature is Diplo; he is known to perform as himself, in Major Lazer, and in Jack Ü. If you\’re a Diplo fan, MDBP is a must!


This year, Mad Decent Block Party has an insane lineup with some of the best DJ\’s of right now.




Mad Decent Block Party is starting tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia; it end its tour in Chicago on September 26th. Here are some of the cities that they are touring. The Mad Decent Block Party Website will direct you to where you can buy your tickets. If you\’re looking for a \”decent\” time, definitely check out Mad Decent Block Party, just remember to keep your kandi at home.


Source:Roger Kisby/Getty Images