For the last six years, M Machine has fostered a widely influential movement on the essence and path of EDM. What began as a small trio of music lovers quickly transformed into a collaborative music enterprise able to reach out and touch the lives of those who listened. It is a sad day for all of us when a beloved member of a group like M Machine breaks away to pursue different goals. Today, we say goodbye to Andy Coenen.

While many of these instances happen over conflicts of interest between group members, money disputes, or stylistic unwillingness to compromise, Andy departs M Machine for far more sincere and human reasons. On Facebook today, he posted an explanation for his fans:

\” A message from Andy to our fans:

For the last six years I’ve been the luckiest man alive – I’ve gotten to travel the world with two of my best friends and make beautiful art together. It’s an experience very few people get to have, and I’m grateful every day to everybody out there who helped make it possible. To everyone I met along the way, and to everyone who ever came to one of our shows or listened to one of our songs, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

The truth of the matter is I never thought I’d get to be a musician at all, let alone do it for six years. For those of you who know me well, this probably won’t come as much of a surprise, and for those of you who don’t I’d like to give a quick explanation – I’m moving on from my role in The M Machine to pursue my love for technology. I’m back in school for a bit, then who knows?

Eric and Swardy are two of the most talented and amazing people I’ve met along this crazy journey, and I’ve got no doubt they’ll continue to do special things along with all the friends we’ve made along the way. \”

You can still catch The M Machine on their \”Just Like\” tour which kicks off tomorrow at the Mid in Chicago!