If you want to learn a new language – whether it is for work, so that you can talk to distant relatives, or simply because you are trying to improve and expand your world – there are many different resources that people can choose from.

Without a doubt, people can try to learn with online apps, through study books and in group classes, and with private tutors.

If you are trying to learn on your own, chances are good you are weighing the costs and benefits of working with a tutor or trying some of the other more popular options. With that being said, there are some really clear reasons why you should heavily value working with a tutor.

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Let’s get started!

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You progress quickly

This might be the major reason why people who are interested in learning a new language should elect to work with a private tutor. Often, the hardest part of learning a new language is the beginning. When just starting out, many people find it to be difficult to learn those unique grammar rules and words that are necessary when building a strong foundation. In fact, that difficulty can lead to people giving up on their new language goals before they really even start!

However, people can blitz through those early stages with a tutor and start to piece words together bit by bit to make their first sentences in a brand-new language.

You have someone to report to

Like some people looking to get in shape, make a point to work with a physical trainer because that trainer will hold them accountable, so too do many who want to learn a new language hire a tutor because that tutor will keep them accountable. If you have not practiced during the week, your tutor will immediately know and be able to call you out for your laziness. Moreover, the simple fact that you are likely paying this tutor a fair amount of money will further encourage you to stay on task. After all, money is one of the best motivators there is!

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Learn for a specific purpose

Another great thing about working with a tutor when learning a new language is that you can tell that tutor that you are interested in learning for a specific purpose and they can hear your learning around that desire. Whether you are simply looking to travel, or want to actually work abroad or even emigrate, that tutor starts building a lesson plan to meet your goals.

You learn conversational language

Often, when learning through a book, you will also find that while you may be able to read and write in a new language, conversing is still quite hard. While there is no doubt that reading and writing are important when learning a new language, most people would much rather focus on learning how to actually speak and understand a new language in day-to-day life.

Tutors are heavily valuable in this aspect because pretty quickly, you will get to the point where you can start to have small conversations in your new chosen language. Not only will that help you learn more, try new words, and master unique grammar rules, but it will also help encourage you to continue pushing on as you start to see the fruits of your labor!

You pay as you go

Unlike buying a potentially pretty expensive book or set of books, you can simply work with a tutor and pay as you go. Sure, tutors can cost quite a bit based on their experience and expertise, but few would argue against it is much more valuable in terms of how you are spending your time while learning with a tutor as opposed to how you are spending your time when reading through a training book.

Go at your own pace

A really wonderful thing about learning with a tutor is that you can learn at your own pace. Whether you are really quick learning and can sprint ahead in the beginning and start going in no time, or if you are rather slow and need to really work on the basics before you start advancing further, your tutor will be able to go with you and help as much as they need to every step of the way.

Beyond that, having a tutor will give you the support you need to try new things with the language – all while having the chance to know whether or not you are doing it right or wrong from the very start!

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Ask as many questions as you want

Whenever you learn a new word, grammar rules, and anything else that comes with learning a new language, you may have questions about pronunciation, meaning, and more. If you are simply learning with a book, you will not really have any other way to get the answer to the question at hand unless you are reading from the book or searching online, which can quickly derail your lesson.

On the other hand, if you are working with a tutor you can quickly ask them whatever question you have and get the answer back in no time, so that you know that what you are doing is either right or wrong. Even better than that, when you get to a certain level of speaking and understanding the new language, you can actually start asking questions and getting the answer in the new language itself! How exciting!


Without a doubt, learning a new language is an incredibly fun challenge. But it is still quite a challenge. If you are looking to learn quickly and in confidence, there really is no doubt that working with a trained tutor is the very best way to do it. In a matter of no time, you’ll be surprising your tutor and yourself but how much you have learned.