Today, many people prefer laser printers because they are effective and fast in printing. Although inkjets steal the show when it comes to printing photos, everyone appears in agreement that the “laser printers” rules. So, if you are looking forward to buying a new laser printer, you are on the right track, but how much do you know about the toner cartridges? Keep reading to discover the six things that you probably did not know about toner cartridges.

1. The Toner Must be Heated at High Temperatures to Print


In the last stage of printing, when toner is fused into the paper, the printer heats the fuser to about 400ºF. The heat melts the toner and immediately fuses it to the papers, making the text or image to become permanent. This implies that toner cartridges can be used to print on any type of paper as far as it can get through the hot rollers without burning. The hot temperatures also imply that the risk of burning your hands loom, and you should always handle the printer with care. For example, if you are cleaning the toner cartridge or changing it, it is important to start by switching off the printer for about 30 minutes before accessing the inner parts.

2. You can Use Three Types of Toner Cartridges

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If you use a laser printer or copier, there are many toner cartridge options depending on the targeted satisfaction. Although most OEM (original equipment manufacturers) would only want you to stick to their toner cartridges, there are other cheaper options. So, what are the main options when looking forward to buying toner cartridges?

  • OEM toner cartridges

Many printer manufacturers put the bulk of their efforts into research, seeking to craft better printing products and technologies. This is why OEM toner cartridges are the best that you can get in the market. explains that OEM cartridges not only provide quality prints, but their page yields are also high. Therefore, if you target making top-notch printouts, such as marketing brochures, company board minutes, and investor reports, the best toner cartridge to use is OEM models.

  • Genetic toner cartridges

The generic toner cartridges were developed as a response to the high cost of OEM models. Like OEM cartridges, the generic ones are made using advanced technologies but by third parties. When using these toner cartridges, you are sure of enjoying high-quality prints for your work. You will also like them because they are cheaper compared to OEM models.

  • Remanufactured toner cartridges

If your budget is low, one of the toner cartridges to use is the remanufactured model. These toner cartridges are made by recycling the already used cartridges. Although the quality of prints that you can get is lower compared to that from OEM or generic toner cartridges, remanufactured cartridges come with the following unique benefits.

  1. The cost of print per page is very low.
  2. Remanufactured cartridges help to reduce the problem of pollution.
  3. You can bring the cost of printing further down by using remanufactured toner cartridges to print drafts and OEM or generic ones to do final documents.

3. The Toner Used on Different Cartridges is Printer-Specific

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Since the first laser printer was designed in 1976 by IBM, the technology has advanced and diversified so much. However, the improvements have brought about key differences, especially on the toners used on the toner cartridge. Although toners are made using the same technology, a combination of pigments and plastic particles, they are tuned to work with specific electromagnetic charges. Therefore, whether you are buying a new toner cartridge or want to replace the current one, it is paramount to buy only the model that is compatible with your printer.

4. Toner Particles are made by Growing on Grounding

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In the early days of laser printers, the toner used on toner cartridges was primarily made using carbon powder. However, things have changed over time as experts discovered that the quality of print could be improved by adding wax polymers. The wax also made it easy to print more pages faster and on different types of papers.

Today, the toner used in cartridges is made through growing or grounding.  In most common toners, the ingredients are prepared into a slab and then grounded into a fine powder. However, chemically produced toner particles are grown in a chemical process until they reach the targeted shape and size. The result is an even powder, which helps with quality improvement.

5. Laser Printers Using Toner Cartridges are Faster than Inkjets

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If you expect to print fast, say hundreds of papers within minutes, a toner cartridge will deliver better quality prints compared to inkjets.  The printing system in a laser printer uses an electromagnetic process, which is very fast and precise. This means that you can order the printer to make hundreds of prints in no time. In contrast, inkjets have to go slower because every paper needs to dry. This is why people with busy offices or institutions where rapid printing is of the essence, should use laser toner cartridges.

6. You can Recycle the Toner Cartridges instead of Throwing them Away

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One of the most recommended methods of extending the life of a toner cartridge is recycling it. If you simply toss the toner cartridge into the trash, there is a high risk of polluting the environment. So, here are some of the top methods of recycling toner cartridges:

  • You can refill the cartridges and continue printing with it. Most toner cartridges can be refilled for about 3-4 times before being disposed of.
  • Drop the cartridge to the local recycling facility. Since recycling facilities have the technology and equipment for disposing of hazardous waste, they can effectively dispose the harmful components in a toner to reduce pollution. Or if you want to make money out of it, visit this website for another great option.
  • Return to the manufacturer. Most manufacturers run elaborate recycling programs aimed at collecting their cartridges and reduce pollution. So, simply wrap the cartridges well, and send back to the manufacturer. Some of them might even reward you for returning the used toner cartridges.

If you are planning to buy a laser printer, you can count on it for high-quality prints. This post has highlighted new things that you probably did not know. So, keep exploring it to learn more and always maintain it in top condition.