Champaign, IL a.k.a. the University of Illinois is home to a lot of EDM fans, DJs, and producers. You have to be unique to stand out from the crowd. Kyral & Banko are a DJ/producer duo from Champaign that specialize in trap and have just started getting some significant exposure on the Internet. Following their track \”Pocket Picked\” that received more than 28,000 plays on SoundCloud via TRAPmusic.NET, they just released \”Counterstrike,\” an absolute trap banger featuring a heavy bass groove and, of course, a sample from the classic videogame CounterStrike. I had the pleasure of meeting them after they opened for Flux Pavilion at The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL in September where they destroyed the venue. These dudes know what they are doing and have a real passion for the music. Keep an eye out for more Kyral & Banko in the near future.