If you have not heard of Kygo yet, I don\’t know what rock you\’ve been hiding under but here is yet another beautiful example of why the 22 year old Norwegian producer is moving up the electronic music ladder as fast as he is.

Starting in 2010, young Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll first became inspired to produce progressive music by Avicii\’s hit \”Seek Bromance\” but as his sound production skills grew he became dissatisfied with how every song sounded the same- a common dissatisfaction among music producers and listeners alike. Tired of the drops and typical big room bullshit, Kygo spent months experimenting with different synthesizers and plug ins to make a different and unique sound for himself. The result was the typical Kygo sound his fans refer to as \”tropical house\” filled with pretty melodies and chill downtempo synths.

After his initial success with his remix of Passenger\’s \”Let Her Go\”, Kygo started gathering a loyal following but it wasn\’t until his release of his \”Miami 82\” remix that the young producer really took off with numerous record labels begging him to sign and Ultra even using the remix for one of their promotional videos. It seems as though everyone is crazy for Kygo with producers like Diplo asking him to DJ for his BBC radio show and even Coldplay\’s very own Chris Martin reaching out and asking Kygo to do the official remix of Coldplay\’s latest single \”Midnight\”, which was released four days ago and can be streamed below.

Among this whirlwind of work and success, the Norwegian producer has found the time to grace North America with his presence this summer with a tour that kicks off May 29th and comes to the Mid in Chicago June 18th. Trust me, this is one act you do not want to miss and who knows when EDM\’s newest superstar will be back in the States? To get a better feel for his mellow sound, check out Kygo\’s Soundcloud and mark your calendars for June 18th- you will not be disappointed.