UPDATE: So here\’s what \”Say Goodbye\” really meant…

After a cryptic change of both their social profile pictures and logo yesterday with the slogan \”Say Goodbye\”, fans were struggling to comprehend what the change meant – and we won\’t lie, we were to. With no context given with the photos, it\’s difficult to put the pieces together, but it seems Krewella will help us figure out what the change is about this Sunday. Krewella officially posted a status earlier today that stays they will be \”speaking out\” this Sunday at 5PM PST, or 7PM CST. Alongside the message, is a link to their Twitch channel which we presume the \”speaking\” will be held. Besides the information given, there has been no information about Krewella since they revived their social platforms yesterday. This all comes in the same week that former Krewella member Kris Trindl aka Rain Man released his first remix under his new duo, Hunter Square. For those unfamiliar with the matter, Trindl left the Krewella trio abruptly back in September and sued both Yasmine and Jahan for attempting to “establish themselves to live audiences as a duo without Kris” – this case has yet to be settled. Until we hear more, you can check out the Krewella post below.

Watch live video from krewella on www.twitch.tv


we are speaking out. SUNDAY 11/23 – 5PM PST http://t.co/6dKymXKQJG

— KREWELLA (@Krewella) November 21, 2014