Kris Trindl parting ways with Krewella has been all over the web recently. The story has had some uncertainty. What we have heard is Trindl side, which basically states that the Yousaf sisters didn\’t like that he became sober and stopped partying.  They allegedly took his condition for depression and began finding ways to push him out of the group.

But according to the counterclaims made on Friday by the Yousaf sisters, the story was a little different, pointing out that Kris Trindl was pretending to be a DJ. Richard Busch, attorney for the Yousaf sisters explains how Trindl —\”would generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine and pump his arms, while pretending to DJ; he was onstage primarily for the sake of image,\”

\”Because Kris did not know how to DJ, he only had two effect buttons.\”

Trindl\’s drinking problem lead the Yousaf sisters to view him as untrustworthy. Last year Trindl claimed that he was going to get clean, but there were instances to prove that becoming sober wasn\’t a priority to him. Evidently the Yousaf sisters felt that that had to intervene, which they did. It happened at manager Jake Undell\’s home last March. Trindl\’s lawsuit and the Yousaf\’s sisters counterclaim clearly have some differences.

Trindl\’ lawsuit says:  He was told by others to go into rehab. \”But it was not rehab for drinking, because Kris was staying sober,\” says the lawsuit. \”They demanded he go into rehab for \’depression.\’\”

Yousaf sisters counterclaim says: \”Kris was unaware of the intervention beforehand and at the intervention, it was apparent that he was not sober, with some commenting that they believed he was under the influence of marijuana…Everyone read letters to Kris expressing their love and care for him and their concerns for his well being. Kris refused to go to the sixty day treatment plan and instead told everyone to \’F–k off.\’\”

After the three tried to negotiate Trindle spot in Krewella, nothing was truly solved. The Yousaf sisters stated in their counterclaim that Trindl \”…continued to consume and abuse drugs and alcohol,even returning to a detoxification program in June 2013, and, despite his claims, never actively undertook steps to return, and has not returned as, an active and participating member of Krewella\”. 

Then on June 22, 2014 Trindl resigned from Krewella.  The sister\’s counterclaim stated that , \”…Kris has, on more than one occasion, threatened to “make[Jahan and Yasmine’s] lives a living hell.” It also\”…indicated that Kris could rejoin Krewella if he went to rehab. The Yousafs asked Kris to return to rehab because his threats to sabotage both them and Krewella had damaged their trust in him;Jahan and Yasmine needed Kris to be clear-headed so that they could all move forward together.Kris refused. Instead, at a meeting on August 28, 2014, Kris stated to Jahan and Yasmine, in the presence of Management, “My attitude is different from you guys, I don\’t give a f –k. You guys care if we get drunk and get on stage and f–k up DJing. I don’t.\”Trindl\’s attorney, DIna LaPolt, who also represents Deadmau5, pointed out Trindl\’s flaws by saying, “Yes he’s an alcoholic and an addict. The point that it took him a while to get sober, doesn’t give them right to arbitrarily throw him out and deny him his third share.” Then she continues on to defend the claim that her client \’faked DJing\’, “When they met, [the Yousaf sisters] didn’t know what was a middle C was on the keyboard. They still don’t. The only notes they know are bank notes.”As you can see this story is going back and forth, both parties trying to plead their case, and as of right now we are not sure which one is right, only time will tell. But the drama does not end there, the EDM artist who always finds himself involved in drama, Deadmau5 has something to say about the Yousaf sisters.

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Now after this absurd amount of accusations and claims, whose story do you believe? You can check out the legal document below as you make your decision.

Source: HollywoodReporter