If you are one of Kaskade\’s 596,000 followers on Twitter, you know that sometimes the guy likes to really engage with his fans with back to back tweets in regards to what is going on in his mind. He\’s used the Twitter platform to schedule times to release concert tickets, hang out with his fans while he\’s waiting for his flight to take off, and even play lyric hangman (first person to guess the lyrics from a song on his Atmosphere album, wins).

Today, Kaskade seemed to have a lot on his mind. In over twenty tweets, he explained how his position in between record labels has made it difficult to really release new music to his fans without compromise. Essentially, he could have a label release and promote his music, or release it on his own for free, knowing it will only reach a smaller audience. In the end, he expressed his certainty that he wanted his fans to hear his new music, regardless of an immediate label to endorse it.

Either way, the song is very promising and deserves the love of any other Kaskade song. Much respect to artists like him who love doing what they do, and stick to that even when times get tough.

So, for those of you who need something beyond his latest album, which you can get here, grab his new single called \”Under the Stars\” featuring Thomas Sagstad and Morning Parade for free on SoundCloud. Or, ya know, listen below if you want.

Also, if you want to read the conversation he held with his followers, be sure to visit his Twitter page.