We live in a cruel world full of ticket scalpers.

It\’s not uncommon to find tickets to your desired show or festival online for double or triple the price after it sells out. Craigslist and Stubhub have become a shark tank for scalpers to feed on their average consumer prey.

Never fear; Kaskade is here! The lovable Chi-Town hero is known for pulling these kinds of nice deeds to our dance music society. This recent one is rather funny:

…here in Boston. I just hit up a kid who is selling a redux ticket on Craigslist. He wanted 200 bucks…

— Kaskade (@kaskade) April 30, 2014

I had him meet me here in my hotel lobby (under an alias(duh)) so I could purchase the ticket/confront him… — Kaskade (@kaskade) April 30, 2014


Apparently, Kaskade took the time before his Boston show tonight to confront a fan (or not) who was selling a ticket for $200. This obviously being an absurd price to charge, he met up with the seller and they worked something out for the best.

\”David has a ticket to sell at face value (he promised) for tonight\’s Redux show…\”

Everybody wins in this situation: a fan gets to meet one of the most iconic American DJs, another fan gets to go to the sold out show for a fair price, and Kaskade maintains his simply awesome superhero figure. This is a clear example that generosity can come from a world superstar like himself; from headlining music festivals, to selling out globally decorated venues, Kaskade never forgets about his fans.

You can catch Kaskade closing off Spring Awakening in June. We are beyond excited to have him return home, as he is probably excited to play at the monumental Solder Field. Who knows, maybe he\’ll put on a superhero cape and tights and save you from scalpers.