The rapidly rising multi-talented Jake Spooner has become quite the household name ever since his enigmatic 2017 debut with Tory Lanez. Quickly following the heels of his massive debut was Spooner’s collaboration with none other than Gucci Mane. Fast-forward to now: Jake Spooner and Gucci Mane’s “Lost” receives a massive remix EP, out now on Nextgen Records.

In a raw and fiery display of talent, Conor Ross and Uplink, PredaKore and Gang Sign, Tom Enzy, Gerrit Faber, BOOSTEDKIDS, X-Change, and 2 Tall Keith put their own unique spins on the track. The remix EP sees a handful of different takes on the track, kicking off with Conor Ross and Uplink’s four-on-the-floor, trap infused remix.

Following in second is PredaKore and Gang Sign’s collab, which sees a more melodic spin on the trap laced beat. Tom Enzy goes for deep, dirty bass, whereas Gerrit Faber trades in trap for electro house.

Wrapping everything up is BOOSTEDKIDS, X-Change, and 2 Tall Keith, all showcasing the best of what they can deliver to round out an already supercharged EP.

Checking out the “Lost” remixes below, out now on Nextgen Records.