Homework seems to be a compulsion to every student. A student must complete the assigned task regularly. Assignments appear to be an old practice that keeps students in indiscipline. Students can revise the classroom lessons with homework. It, in turn, can help them build a self-study habit.

But, too much homework for the students makes them overburdened. They become stressed out due to the excessive pressure of study. There are times when the burden becomes crushing. As a result, students start thinking that they are no less than a slave.

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Before dwelling in deep on whether ‘homework is slavery’ or not, let’s try to understand the actual meaning of slavery.

What is slavery?


Slavery is an act of making someone do something forcefully. The practice is illegal in most countries. Usually, labourers with no literacy background are made to work as a slave. Also, most people take advantage of their poor educational background. After that, they make them work in harsh environmental conditions.

The slaves do not have the right to decide in their lives. Also, they are left with no choice but to follow their master.

Facts to support- Homework is slavery

The education system has changed now. Gone are those days when the parents put pressure on children to study. Also, the teachers are now legally allowed to put excessive homework pressure on students. Yet, the following facts create an impression that ‘homework is slavery.’

  • Students unwilling to do loads of homework are bound to do as their teachers/ professors make it a compulsion.
  • Teachers and professors also punish the students on the non-completion of the assignments.
  • Homeworks is not restricted to one or two subjects. Instead, students get tasks for all the subjects. As a result, they get overburdened.
  • Students long for several recreational activities. They wish to play games, take part in singing competitions etc. But, due to homework pressure, they don’t get the scope.

How is homework not slavery?


The following facts will say, this thing is not slavery’.

  • The purpose of assigning homework is to encourage students to review what they’ve learned in class. Otherwise, they’ll forget everything.
  • Second, is homework slavery? No, because slavery is carried out for the purpose of exploiting slaves. Thus, assigning or performing homework is never an exploitation activity. Rather than that, it enhances kids’ comprehension and intelligence levels.
  • Thirdly, homework benefits kids because the purpose of assigning it is not to keep the kids busy or burdened. Its motive is to compel them to revise and learn, and finally to educate them.
  • Homework serves as a practice exercise that allows individuals to apply what they learn in school. This exercise is important because students either do not pay attention in class or do not comprehend the contents.
  • Slavery is usually offered in exchange for a wage. But, in schools and colleges, none of the learners is provided with wages. Thus, it is no point to consider it slavery.
  • Homeworks is meant to boost the knowledge level of a student. Also, it helps the student in practice and scores high grades in their examination.
  • Education is one of the most significant assets in your life. Even today, most children and teenagers are deprived of education. It gives you enlightenment and opens your path for future success. Thus, in no way education can be stated as slavery.

As we all know, the proverb that, ‘practice makes a person perfect. If the students are kept idle without any home tasks, they would rather stay away from the touch.

How much time a student must spend on this?


Middle school students are in grades 6–8. It is a fact that middle school courses require greater attention and practice. Students in this grade are handed three to five sets of tasks every week. Experts suggest that your youngster study for 45–75 minutes each night.

Once in high school, kids in grades 9–12 often receive 4 to 5 pieces for a week. High schoolers should devote around 25-30 minutes to studying each subject.

For instance, your child is in 10th grade and has an English and Math  assignment. They should spend nearly 30 minutes studying English and 45 minutes on Math. If they have one or two brief breaks, the total time required to complete both tasks is 75–150 minutes for each set.

Is homework advantageous for students?

Yes, homework is suitable for children to a certain level. Since it helps them comprehend and learn the information given in class. Excessive schoolwork is not appropriate. Students must invest time in sports exercise to grow. Thus, this is helpful if they wish to retain an excellent academic record.

What Is the Appropriate Level of Homework?


After years of research, scholars say that this is beneficial. But an excessive amount of homework is detrimental. It entails risk. According to the National Education Association, tasks assigned vary by grade level. They advocate for ten minutes of daily assignments as youngsters begin their schooling. It will increase as they progress through the grades.

What do experts say?

According to experts, students should constantly adhere to the “ten-minute rule.” It varies considerably by grade. This indicates that 10 minutes is sufficient for 1st grade. Also, 20 minutes is enough for 2nd grade, and 120 minutes is for 12th-grade students. It would help if you had it to complete their assignments. Spend minimal time on social media platforms such as Facebook. It is necessary to take out time for schoolwork and projects.


Homework is not a form of slavery; on the contrary, it benefits your cognitive health and educational level. You acquire new knowledge and revise what instructors have taught in class. Thus, thinking of homework as enslavement will be the most illiterate thing possible.

Therefore, if you’re wondering Is this thing a slavery, the answer is a resounding NO, as it never has been and never will be. While slavery exploits you, homework educates you.

Thus, homework serves the ultimate purpose of helping pupils improve their grades. They will acquire knowledge, and once disciplined, they will be able to pursue a vocation and achieve success.