Winter is approaching. For residents of Chicago and beyond, that means blistering cold weather, snow covered roads and sidewalks and an extreme amount of layering required just to go grocery shopping. While the cold may not have much of an impact for nights you remain home, heading out can sometimes be a burden when fighting the weather. For those nights when you are not prepared to brave through the weather to make it to the night\’s party, or even when you just prepare the comforts of staying home, Public Hotels, Dynasty Podcast and Futurist Factory have teamed up to bring the party to you.

Tonight the team will introduce the world to #PublicTV, a twice weekly exclusive party that will be live streamed to the internet (via uStream) and you are invited to attend. Every Friday and Saturday night, between 10:00pm and 2:00am (CST) the party will feature the Futurist Factory DJs and emerging guest artists.

The stream will be available on the #PUBLICTV uStream Channel.

Friday\’s show will feature David Chang, SWGGRBCK (of Regulators)
Saturday\’s show will feature Black + Yellow (Dom Brown & Fei Tang of Porn and Chicken)

So whether you are avoiding the weather, remaining comfortable, or just in the mood for some good tunes, tune in and check out this Chicago based project featuring some of this city\’s top talent.