Another Halloween is on the horizon and for dance music fans in LA, this presents a choice: HARD or Insomniac? Up until last year, the two competing events companies would hold their respective fright night festivals on opposing weekends. Insomniac took the weekend before Halloween and HARD took the weekend after. However with actual Halloween landing on a Saturday night this year, it\’s understandable that both companies would want to take advantage of the increased festiveness that goes with raving on a holiday.

So which to choose? HARD usually focuses on bringing unexpected lineups to their events while putting less of an emphasis on production and visuals. Insomniac on the other hand will fill a roster with fan favorites to ensure a good musical backdrop to the frighteningly decked-out NOS Events Center.

At this point HARD has provided no details on Day of the Dead 2015 other than dates, but Insomniac just released the lineup for Escape: Pyscho Circus.

(Fun Fact: the festival has changed its name twice in the last three years, from Escape From Wonderland, to Escape All Hallows Eve, and now Escape Psycho Circus)

Insomniac has been known to provide rather similar lineups to their events throughout the years, but this years Escape lineup is hauntingly similar to last years. Many artists including Laidback Luke, John Digweed, Benny Benassi, Moby, Richie Hawtin, The Magician and Breach will once again take the decks at the NOS Events Center this fall. Obviously the lineups aren\’t identical and 2015\’s is not even complete yet, but if you attended last year, its almost guaranteed that you\’ll have a good time again this year.

Check the full lineup below and for tickets go to