Ravers are getting another chance to ring in the new year with Pasquale Rotella and the Insomniac family on New Year\’s Eve with the return of Insomniac\’s Countdown New Year\’s Eve 2015 event. Insomniac announced the final production they will host this festival season Thursday afternoon on Instagram. Insomniac\’s Countdown New Year\’s Eve 2015 event will be held at the NOS Events Center in Southern California and will be open to everyone who is 18+. This year marks the second installment for this production.

Pasquale Rotella, who is the founder of Insomniac, is known for each year advancing and improving each one of his productions. Last year Insomniac\’s countdown only had one stage with a massive lineup with artists such as, Audien, Bingo Players, DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, Laidback Luke, and even Showtek. The Instagram video has already hyped fellow ravers with a caption stating that this year\’s event \”will expand to three stages\”. It is without a doubt that this year will be bigger and better than the previous year.


More info and details are soon to hit the internet once we get further into the month of October. One thing is for sure though any production that Mr. Rotella puts on is a guaranteed unforgettable experience. I could not even imagine closing out 2015 at an Insomniac production. The link below takes you to where you can find out more information about this event. Will you be with the Insomniac family when the clock strikes at midnight?


Source: Insomniac

Photo Credit: Facebook