The main feature of video games is entertainment. However, it can be frustrating if you are losing more often. It will require you to learn strategies and develop various skills to become a better player. The gaming industry has advanced a lot in recent years. The main features of the most recent popular titles are superior graphics and a more realistic interface. Since games are more realistic, the gameplay is bringing some challenges. It is required for players to work on their skills to become better.

It is common for RPG and shooting games to be the most challenging ones. These titles are full of action, and players must be focused and trained for better results. The great feature is that you can boost the characters in games by buying skins, weapons, and other items that will make gaming more pleasing, or even improve some aspects like level, power, weapon accuracy, and more. You can buy boosts for games like WoW, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, and more. If you are interested in this option, read more here.

If you prefer shooting games like Apex Legends, it is especially important to work on your skills like accuracy, concentration, speed, and reflexes. Reaction time is one of the most important abilities that will help you to become more efficient. While practicing more is always the best solution for improving the reaction time, there are some other ways to develop this skill.

1. Invest In Good Equipment


With the evolution of gaming, the requirements are changing as well. Many modern titles will require you to have the most recent high-end PC to play them. The main problem with poor specs is that, even if you can load the game, it might lag and lack some features. Therefore, playing it will become much harder no matter how good you are. You should pay attention to the components like graphics card, monitor, processor, keyboard, and mouse.

Having a good processor and graphics card is essential. In that matter, you should buy some of the most recent processors like AMD Ryzen or Intel Core i5 and graphics cards like the GeForce RTX series and the Radeon RX series. When it comes to monitors for gaming, we recommend you to choose some of the models like Alienware, 25, Pixio Prime, Rog Strix, and more. The most important feature is the refresh rate that should be at least 120Hz. There is a great selection of gaming mouses and keyboards as well.

2. Prepare for Gaming

Like with sports that require physical activities, you can use the same approach when you are playing games. That is related to warming up. Therefore, warming the hands before the start of the session can significantly increase your response. Warming will release more blood in the muscles in your hands, which will lead to faster moves.

3. Stay Focused


The main skill required for improved reaction time is concentration. Pay attention that there is nothing around you that might distract you. The best solution is to set a gaming room with the right lights you prefer and a good headset that will prevent you from hearing anything around you. Drinking beverages or smoking can also lower your focus. Therefore, when the game is on, you should concentrate only on the screen and not let anything bother you.

4. Work On the Muscle Memory

Shooting games can be quite intense. There are small details and fast moves that are crucial for every player. Chances that your opponent will suddenly appear in front of you are very high, and milliseconds can be decisive in this situation. The ability to react faster can be significantly improved if you train muscle memory. The simplest way to improve this skill is by playing more.

Also, there are some games where you can train speed and accuracy with a mouse. After some time, you will improve your reaction and reflexes where can make moves without thinking. Apex Legends is one of the games where you will need to improve this skill, along with other abilities like concentration and a good tactic.

5. Avoid Frustration


We are aware that it can be struggling when you keep losing all the time. However, instead of getting nervous, you should pay attention to your performance and work on the things that require development. We suggest you start with players who are on the same level. That will be more entertaining since you will have a chance to win more often, even as a beginner.

On the other side, the best way to test your improvements is to try playing against more experienced players from time to time. This is the best strategy to evolve your skills, and there is no need for frustration. With the right equipment and more time spent on gaming, you will surely become better over time. Your reflexes will become much better as well.

The Bottom Line

Improving the reaction time while playing games is not something that you can do overnight. You will have to be determined and prepared to spend some time while practicing. Also, if you have experience in other shooting games like CS, CoD, and more, it will help you to become better at the start in Apex as well.

In that matter, it’s about the experience. Shooting games share a lot of similar features. Also, all of them require advanced accuracy and reflexes for better performances. Therefore, you should try enjoying yourself more while playing Apex Legends and work on your strategies and moves. The improved reaction time will come over time as well.

In the end, we have to mention the high popularity of streaming these days. That can be a motivation for you to work on your skills since you can always start a channel, and if people find you interesting, you could gain a lot of followers, and make it a profitable profession as well. The most popular platforms for streaming are Twitch and YouTube. Besides that, you can gather a team of people and test your skills on some tournaments.