For most people, sports betting is a fun activity that makes watching sports even more interesting. Of course, the possibility of winning money by betting on sports is very tempting, so even those who say they bet just for fun will surely think how great it would be to have their wallet fuller at the end of the game.

Many try to improve their chances of winning by carefully watching the events in a particular league and follow all the statistics. That is certainly a great way to increase your chances, but luck still plays a big role in such approach. However, those who take sports betting more seriously and who even make a living from it, implement advanced sports betting strategies.

These advanced sports betting strategies are not simple, on the contrary, they require time and effort, but they are legal and very lucrative in the long run. One of the advanced sports betting strategies is arbitrage betting. Find out in this article what arbitrage betting is, how to implement it and make huge money, as well as what other sports betting strategies you can use.

What is arbitrage betting?


Arbitrage betting is often called surebets, miraclebets and surewins but they are all just different names for the same strategy. Arbitrage is a term from stock markets and retail. When we talk about the stock market, it is buying stocks in one market and then selling those same stocks in another market where the value of the stocks is higher. That way you have a secure profit. The same can be applied to retail.

People who have a lot of experience in sports betting came up with the idea to apply arbitrage to sports betting, so that for the first time ever sports betting would offer the opportunity to make a guaranteed profit.

Arbitrage betting is possible due to differences and inconsistency in betting markets. Sportsbooks determine odds and odds are often similar in different sportsbooks. However, there is always a certain difference, especially in matches when odds are close to even on both sides. In this case arbitrage betting is a very useful strategy. You can place two or more wagers on that one event and so cover every possible outcome. Since one of your wagers is sure to be correct, you will win money due to the difference in odds between different betting markets.

How to find the right opportunity and apply arbitrage betting strategy?

Of course, not every game is suitable for arbitrage betting, otherwise everyone would get rich quick and sportsbooks would go bankrupt. Ideal are matches where the chances of both teams or players are similar. This means that there is a high probability that you will find one place where one team is a slight favorite to win, and then another place where the other team is a slight favorite to win. That difference, although it seems small, is your chance for a guaranteed win, because you bet on both possible outcomes at the highest available odds.


It is very difficult to find the right opportunity for two reasons. The first reason is that many matches are not suitable for the implementation of this strategy because the odds are very different. Another reason is that as soon as arbs, as matches suitable for arbitrage betting are called, are noticed by bookmakers, the odds will be changed and your winnings will no longer be certain. Here we come to the question of how to find arbs fast enough. There are various websites, forums and software that are a great place to find arbs. Since there are a lot of surbet finders, you need to make sure it is a reliable place.

We visit and check if the software is reliable, as well as what pros and cons are. Most people rely on alert services, whether they install software on their smartphone or by checking forums regularly. Theoretically, you can compare odds yourself, but it is very demanding and rarely cost-effective. You can only do that if you know more about the sport you are betting on, so you can conclude in advance that odds could be similar.

How much money you can make this way?


There is no single answer to this question. The answer depends primarily on how much money you are willing to invest. Since the differences in odds are very small, then your profits are also very small, unless you invest large sums of money. But even though the winnings are small, they are guaranteed, so you just have to be patient and over time, arbitrage betting will be very profitable.

Other strategies

There are some other betting strategies that are just as or similarly useful as arbitrage betting strategies. Value betting is one of the popular strategies, although it is not as risk-free as arbitrage betting. But it’s easier to find value betting matches because bookmakers have a hard time noticing them, and the return on investment is also higher. Just keep in mind that you can also lose money that way. If you want to implement another risk-free strategy, go with matched betting, which is 100% legal too. The point is to take advantage of the free bets and incentives offered by sportsbooks. However, as with arbitrage betting, sportsbooks can notice what you are doing and block you.



As you probably understand after reading this article, arbitrage betting and other advanced sports betting strategies are not “get rich quick schemes”, but they are very serious strategies that are inspired by strategies from the financial world such as the stock market, for example.

Don’t think that you will become rich after a month, because that can lead you to bankruptcy. But if you are willing to be committed to finding the ideal matches for betting, then arbitrage betting is the right strategy for you since it guarantees a profit. So in the end we will not wish you luck, because you do not need luck in this case, but we will tell you to be persistent and diligent, and that will lead you to the desired profit.