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For your business to be successful, you need to meet different standards. In today’s era where the internet is so important, reliable and quality web hosting is one of the most important things. But let’s take a step back. Surely creating a website was among the first things you did or plan to do because you know the importance of the website.

But whoever is not from the IT world, forgets that every website must be hosted somewhere. This is where many inexperienced people choose the first hosting company they find because they think that it is not something important. However, this is very important, because if web hosting is bad, there will be various problems that will affect the opinion of customers about you.

So today we will explain to you what are the reasons why web hosting matters for your business marketing, as well as a few more things you need to know about this.

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What is it?

If you are new to creating a website, it is possible that the whole concept of web hosting is not familiar to you. Let us explain briefly. When you build a website, you create files that need to be placed somewhere so that they can be accessed via the internet. That’s why you pay companies to host your website. They also maintain the server, solve various problems you may have and the like.

Reasons why it is important for your business marketing:


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By far the most important thing is reliability. Your website must always be available to customers and also be very fast. If there are frequent problems on the server that make it impossible to access it, it will certainly deprive you of at least a few clients. How many times have you happened to look for something, open a few links and automatically shut down the one that opens slowly or says it has a problem? It surely happened to you many times. And after that, never come back to it again.

That is why it’s important to always be available, except occasionally when maintenance is underway, but you will know that when it is, so you’ll be able to inform your clients on time. It also has to be fast. If they have to wait a few seconds after each click, people will give up, because in the era of high-speed internet, we are used to every page opening instantly. It must also be well optimized for users who enter it via smartphones.

2. Security

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Any security issue will be a major blow to the reputation of your business. So you have to choose a company that has a good reputation when it comes to security because it doesn’t have to be an attack directly on you, but it can also affect you if the server crashes due to an attack on someone else.

If you sell something through your website that is one more reason to research security as well as reliability or you risk huge problems. If there is a problem with payment or stolen money by hackers and the like, it would probably be the end of your business, at least when it comes to online shopping. Another thing, you do not want your website to be subject to outside intrusions and data breach to occur, because then you will have prolonged periods when your website is down which again leads us to reliability issues.

3. Search engine optimization

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Search engine optimization often referred to as SEO, is very important for your entire business. SEO involves various actions that affect the positioning of your website on search engines. The higher positioned it is, the better for you, logically. The reason is very obvious and you know it too. You rarely browse more than the first and second pages when looking for something so if you is located at 5th page, you are in problem. SEO refers to unpaid traffic, not paid attempts to improve a position, although there are sophisticated methods of how SEO can be improved.

According to Progressive-Media, hosting greatly influences SEO, because it is the technical part of SEO. How fast page loads and all the other performance of your website affects its SEO. You must not allow a high bounce rate as this will certainly bring down your position. Also, before you change the hosting company, check if maybe that slow load times are caused by problems directly related to your website and not their server.

4. Easier to reach an agreement for advertising

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It is another very important reason that affects the marketing of your company. If you meet all the previous criteria we have listed, which are reliability, security and SEO, you will find it much easier to find advertising partners. When those you contact check your website and see that the response is very fast and that you have reliable hosting, it will not be reluctant to put a link to your website on their own, because they know that both you and they will benefit from mutual advertising.

Popular types

There are three most popular types of web hosting. Shared is one that is designed for simpler websites and is not something we recommend. This is an option for those with little traffic, but not for businesses. VPS is also an option where you share the server with other sites, but it is much more reliable and better, because the latter do not affect your security, nor the speed of loading pages. And finally, dedicated which is the best option because everything is exclusively dedicated to you. There is also cloud-based, which is a similar option as VPS, which only works over the cloud.

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We hope it is now clear to you that this decision is much more important than you probably originally thought. It will have a big impact on the business of your company and that is why it is not something to save on. Because in this case, a more expensive option usually means better, because hosting companies also have high costs, if they want everything to be at the highest level.