Hostiles reached their peak overall in Western films. According to all reviews, it is one of the best films of this genre. Besides all the facts about the greatness of this film, there is a wide melancholy that runs through the film of the brilliant Scott Cooper, of course, because of his desire for this film to reach its max, to keep the audience in suspense and at the same time intrigue their imagination. But even that didn’t stop this movie from being one of the best western movies ever made.

The beginning of film begins with pure hatred of two nations, in this case, the USA and the Indians, but as the situation unfolds, Scott Cooper manages to prove that American soldiers are allowed to repent for their actions and ask for forgiveness. How in merciless situations they should stick together, even if it was only for their benefit. So no one could have guessed that the rest of the action in the film would be contradictory to the beginning of the film.

Below, we will list many reasons why this is the best film of the great Christian Bale.


1. A story that has a historical background

Many researchers, as well as critics, assessed that this western movie reached its peak precisely because its story is realistic and shows the time when the warring people faced their enemies in that cruel era. It is clear that the past has not brought anyone anything good, but each of us deserves to know the history of our country, and this is so well shown in this film. For many viewers, this film is very harsh and difficult, precisely because the present is such that nationalism has no place because we are all human. Director Scott Cooper Florida showed it in a touching way that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

2. The role that reconciles the past between peoples

In addition to all the direction, we will not leave out the great Christian Bale, who excelled in this movie, so much so that according to many reviews, he was declared the best actor in this film. And why it is so, one of the reasons is precise that he plays the role of Captain Joseph Blocker, and his function was to kill Indians. But despite the difficult period of our history, the film shows how enemies can be friends even in the worst moments. So, Captain Joseph Blocker or Christian Bale excels in this role precisely for the reason that out of the greatest hatred for the Indians, he experiences a reversal and continues the fight in agreement with them. This leaves a strong impression of his transformation and the type of how something very good and at the same time sad would come out of the worst despair, but that only speaks of his acting brilliance.


3. Incredible power of transformation

Also, as he is shown to the audience as a villain, especially at the beginning of the film, as the action unfolds, he shows his genius acting and transformation, both with self-sacrifice, empathy and a big heart. In addition to all the above, his role in this film is so great, so realistic, so ingenious, and full of changes. In such a short amount of time as the duration of the action in this movie, he managed to show many faces, starting with the fact that he is a cold-blooded hired killer for his country, until the end where, after a combination of circumstances, he realizes that we are all just people, trying to overcome in that cruel and difficult time that was current at the time, where people fought for their existence in one way or another. We can conclude that at the same time the movie shows the abnormal hatred of Americans towards a nation that is different from theirs. You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

4. The much talked about scene

One of the many interesting comments about his role in this film is the scene where he purses his mouth under his mustache as well as his eyebrows to inspire his enemy to be better than him. Also, the spark in his eyes, conveys how much he wants to awaken in his opponent the desire for proof, strength and dominance. In addition to all the acrobatics that Christian Bale performs in the film, it could be noticed that he still carries the weight of the crimes directed from the United States of America.

5. Love wins it all!

Another interesting fact that this movie show is that love conquers all in the end. No man loves too much, that’s why Cooper tries to prove, in addition to all the lessons that can be learned from this motion picture, that love is very important in our lives, even in those difficult times like back in 1892. years. Let’s not forget the place where the action of the film takes place, the landscapes are beautiful and give off the epic authenticity of this movie, let’s assume that it is because of the very theme of the film, to alleviate the feeling of the cruelty of that time in some other way.

6. A movie with a wonderful lesson

Hostels are undoubtedly one of the great indicators of how one should not treat people who have different skin colors or speak a different language or have different customs and religions, it is important that that time is in the past and this film shows how we should decide and think today as adults, where no place for the past has left traces for generations behind us. This interesting presentation to the people that there is no division, would not be so wonderful if it were not for the acting skills of Christian Bale. He simply gave all of us the pleasure of enjoying the movie the way it was meant to be. From his position presented as a classic American soldier who works according to the imperative of one of the leading organs of the American army, he is portrayed as someone who does not care about his opinion based on a political basis, but the feeling from his heart, as he showed us later in the film. The moment when Bale buries the grief caused by killing and violence is also thought-provoking because it shows what taking a life can do.


Although a beautiful film with a superb cast, this film simply makes us think. If you like westerns, it is recommended to watch the movie Hostels, because you will not only enjoy the actor’s refinement and perfectionism, but you will also learn how irrelevant everything that happened in the past is, that we do not live in the past, but the present without hatred, racism, and division.