hogans beach 2015

EDM venues receiving complaints of loud noise and excessive partying till the crack of dawn seem to be the common trend now a day, and Hogan’s Beach is following suit. The nightclub in Tampa is shutting down its EDM shows after complaints from locals stemming from a December 23rd show in which the club violated its zoning, had insufficient parking, and had unpermitted electric signs. The club has cancelled further shows and is working in close contact with they city council to see which events they are permitted to hold.

The club has been cited for having “bass heavy” artists and keeping the club open past three am, and having larger shows in which they lack parking for. The club has not filed to rezone the venue has not applied for special permits for events thus far. It seems as though locals in Dana Shores will soon be searching for a new EDM hotspot and Hogan’s beach seems to be in hot water.

Source: tbo.com