Over the last month I haven\’t been able to get enough of NYC\’s The Chainsmokers. Their indie dance remixes have awoken something new in dance music for me, but that\’s not all they can do; they can also produce one hell of a perfect-for-LIV-at-midnight Melbourne Bounce track that will have you dancing as hard as you are laughing.

I\’ve had the pleasure of hearing \”#selfie\” before its official release on January 28th under Steve Aoki\’s Dim Mak Records and it is Melbourne Bounce at its best. King Street itself would stand up and applaud this impeccably sexy, bouncy beat. Only The Chainsmokers could make the voice-over of the incessant ramblings of a spoiled twat sound cool enough that you want to memorize those lyrics.

In anticipation for the release of this amazing tune I wanted track the duo down for an interview but, they politely said, \”No, Sydney. We must have much more fun than that.\” So after careful thought and much consideration–ok, I\’m lying. Actually I just saw how ridiculously good-looking they were and figured every girl out there would appreciate their physique as well as their music. So, I\’ve teamed up with Drew and Alex of The Chainsmokers to offer a super fun \”SHOW US YOUR BEST #SELFIE\” contest for a chance to win 2 tickets to their upcoming show at The MID on January 30th. Along with free entry for you and a friend, they will also throw in an autographed t-shirt and 10 shots. They want you to have a good time. A REALLY good time.

How do you win? Prove to us you can out-do their epic #selfie with Steve Aoki in the background. We can\’t wait to see what you come up with!


Guys: Do you have awesome genitals?! THAT\’S AWESOME! For your significant other. Not so much for me or The Chainsmokers. Straight up, male nude selfies are probably the quickest way to lose this particular contest. Unless you can make it look like an elephant or a hamburger (see: Puppetry of the Penis), then DEFINITELY send that in. Also, if you send in just a mere $5 fee with your dickie, my 4 super hott friends and I will totally critique it and get back to you with what you could have done to make it more appealing to the female eye. Perhaps you needed better lighting, less background or more manscaping–either way, we\’ve got you, bro.

Girls: I\’m sure you\’re great looking and I\’m sure that a naked selfie might sound like a sure fire way to get our 2 dudes\’ attention but, let\’s go over to a quiet corner and talk this out, you know, girl to girl…… ok, now that it\’s just us I can be honest… it might work I don\’t know!? Try it! I mean, they are two DUDES and you are like, SO hott… so maybe if you can\’t think of a clever hashtag but you look the bomb topless, maybe that\’s your strong point? Maybe we should play your high card? Just remember that this is the internet and there\’s always that 75% chance your dad could end up seeing this, so, do like, classy slutty, you know? not like, trashy slutty. No one likes trashy slutty.

Submit your photos to: [email protected]. Extra consideration given to those entries who are also shared on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag \”#selfieforthechainsmokers\”. I\’ll be sharing them with Drew and Alex and we\’ll be announcing the winner before their performance at The MID on January 30th. Be sure to support the artist directly by liking them on Facebook and following them on SoundCloud. Follow me, Sydney @ EDM Chicago, on SoundCloud for excellent new music you need to be listening to. Good luck!