If you\’re going to Vegas for the New year, you should go and check out Hakkasan Night Club. Not only is Calvin Harris going to play, but Hakkasan is set to reclaim the title of most expensive bottle service! When people say Vegas is expensive and crazy, they fu*king mean it.  To buy Hakkasan\’s “Dynastie Package” all you need is $500,000 that you can blow for the hell of it. If its worth it, its up to the person willing to spend the money.

The important question is.. What does this $500.000 bottle service get you?

– Your name will flash on the main screen during the confetti drop
– A staff of 40 at your service
– Diamond cuff links and a diamond necklace.
– A 30-liter Midas (the world’s largest champagne bottle) by Armand de Brignac
– A gold disc signed by Calvin Harris
– An exclusive championship belt

Here is a small list of other items you can purchase for $500,000

– A burrito bowl at Chipotle is $7.58, so that would come out to about 62,000 Burrito bowls.

– 2014 Rolls-Royce Phantom starts at $474,000

– You can buy a summer home, or even a family home.

– A small airplane or helicopter

-If gas was at $3.00 a gallon, you can buy over 100,000 gallons of gas