Traveling has no age boundaries. Everyone loves to travel. Kids, middle-aged men and women, the elderly, and everyone in between. Teens are no different. Due to their age, and the curiosity that accompanies it, they might be an age group that enjoys visiting different places the most. But, they are the most irresponsible age group, eager to try out new things, and sometimes take unnecessary risks. That’s why, for parents and teens alike it would be better to consult a travel guide or two. We have a few ideas on our minds.

If you’re a teen or a parent of one, you need to know what is seen as the best tips and recommendations for teens and travel. As we said, teens love to travel, and that’s the ideal age for exploring and trying out new things. In this article, we are going to discuss what we see as an ultimate guide to travel for teens. Below you’ll find our best recommendations and tips that should make any travel safe, fun, and unforgettable at the same time. Without further ado, check out what you should and shouldn’t do in situations that involve tens and travel.

Explore Communication Channels


Yes, we live in an age of technology. We have cell phones, social media platforms, and dozens of ways to communicate. But, when you’re traveling and especially abroad things can go astray. Losing a phone, or visiting an area that doesn’t have a signal can cause communication breakdown. This is why it is important to leave open all communication channels. Before traveling you need to have a contingency plan on how you will communicate with your peers or parents if something happens. You can arrange that it is via landline in a  hotel or via email. The options are numerous. You only need to know what they are.

Research The Destination

This is quite important. When you’re traveling out of state or across the ocean you need to get acquainted with the place you’re visiting. It is all about ensuring your safe journey and having a good time. You need to learn about the places you will visit but also about those you need to avoid. It is always good to know what awaits you upon arrival. Yes, surprises are nice, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t Drink


When you’re an American your age limit for drinking is 21. In Europe or Latin America, things are different. Teens are allowed to drink once they turn 18. This is a big difference. Three years is no small gap. That’s why you should restrain yourself from drinking. Yes, you can take one drink. But, considering that you have no experience with alcohol it is better to leave it aside in its entirety. The last thing you want is to end up drinking in an uncharted part of Prague or Belgrade.

Respect the Curfew

This is a rule that you need to establish and consequently respect it. Curfew should never be set after midnight. When traveling teens are a known group for getting crazy ideas. The best way to avoid any misfortunes is to have and respect a curfew.

Plan Everything


With travel, there is a lot of it tied to adventure. You want to explore new things and get surprised. But, the smart thing to do is to lower your expectations and plan for everything. This is easier said than done, but it is a path you need to partake in. If you’re traveling with your teens, plan everything. You need to have it and respect it. Yes, it can be a lengthy and tiresome process, but once in place, you will have peace of mind.

Keep your Luggage Tight

This is important for both your luggage that will be transported separately and for the one you’re carrying with you at all times. You need to have your belongings checked and in order. Keep your luggage tidy, well-packed, and always closed. This especially goes for your backpacks and handbags. You need to have them closed and secured at all times. If you’re carrying cash around and your documents you need to have your eyes and hands on them at all times.

Be on Schedule


This is also part of planning, but it needs to be a separate recommendation. Scheduling your travel is important. If you don’t have a clear schedule and you don’t stick to it, it could lead to having a bad time during your trip. You could miss out on visiting some monumental buildings or secluded beaches. When you’re a teen, normally, planning and scheduling are not your stronger feats. If you have an issue with either it is no shame to have your parents or friends help you map everything out.

Prepare Money and Documents

This is a great tip. It is a must-do. When you plan and schedule everything out you shouldn’t forget about the most important part – money and passport. When traveling abroad you’ll need both. For a massive journey, you need to save up a lot. You do not want to go abroad on a limited budget. You need to have money ready to spend and then some on the side in case of an emergency. Also, you need to carry your passport with you at all times. Be prepared to be identified by police and to have unexpected expenses. When you’re a teen, you can be too carefree at times. But, remember this and you’ll have one thing less to worry about.

Enjoy With Eyes, not Through Lenses


This is a nice piece of advice. Today we are all victims of modern technology, smartphones, and social media platforms. It is all about making a perfect photon and capturing the moment. In the meantime, we forget to enjoy the moments and opportunities we have. So, you’ll be wiser to enjoy the world with your eyes and not through the lenses of your camera. Lower the amount of time you’ll be spending on your phone, and replace it with spending time with your peers and enjoying the views.