A Freelancer is a person who works for him/herself, without being directly employed by a company or receiving a salary. A freelancer sells his services to companies or individuals that require them, but without having an obligation to do so.

Freelancers are people with different backgrounds that earn their living in this way because they have knowledge of certain areas and to offer the service they feel capable of providing. Some examples of professionals who become freelancers are doctors, engineers, designers, journalists, translators… There has been an increase in the number of people who opt for this kind of job because it offers greater freedom and work flexibility.

Although freelance jobs are becoming more popular day by day there are still some challenges ahead. One of the main challenges is that freelance workers need a particular set of skills and tools for their work. In this article we’ll tell you about some of these tools so you have an idea of what to expect from your work as a freelancer.

1. Working Space


Working from home or from coffee shops can get really exhausting after some time, so having a working space is essential! Whether it’s a studio at home or renting out office space, it guarantees that you can focus on your job while avoiding distractions at all times. Also it gives you the opportunity to keep your things together in one place, freeing up more time for your projects.

2. Calendar

A calendar or schedule is very important when

This article is about PeachPay, a new application that was just released this year at the SXSW conference. They are an all-in-one solution for freelancers that have signed up to get started. Peachy helps users to get paid faster, by taking care of the entire payment process through their platform which includes accepting credit card payments and tracking invoices. It makes it easy to accept both clients’ payments while allowing them to pay with any major debit or credit card out there without having to send over any sensitive information.

PeachPay eliminates the need for clients to share their credit card information with freelancers, which can be dangerous.

Peachpay also simplifies the invoice process by attaching any files or important documents that client might need in order to get started. Furthermore, they host all of your accepted invoices into one place that you can access through any mobile device. However, if you are interested in learning more about this application and how it works then keep reading below!

1. Accessible from Any Mobile Device


One common issue faced amongst freelance workers is while using an app on a mobile phone while away from home. This could be while travelling for work or any other reason, but many applications do not allow users to complete tasks remotely while not on their main computer. This includes logging into an account and checking your statistics, as well as uploading invoices and any other work you might have completed away from your office. PeachPay allows access to all of this information through any mobile device so that clients can stay up to date with what is going on at all times even when you are not near a computer.

2. Login Sharing: So You Can Work With Your Client

The second point we will discuss about this application is the ability to share login details with the client or team members who need them in order to complete tasks. This makes it easier than ever for freelancers and agencies alike to track everything remotely while staying safe behind another password protected step in the system before accessing anything private such as the client’s credit card details.

3. Get Paid Faster With PeachPay

A common issue when freelancing is waiting for clients to pay their bills and get paid, Peachpay makes this process faster through their application by allowing customers to pay directly from an invoice. This not only wastes less time but can help resolve problems that could arise if a client did not have enough money to pay the bill at the moment. However, with this service it allows them to complete transactions on a flexible schedule that works best for them and even allows you to send invoices weeks or months before payment is expected so there are never any worries about being late settling your bill either.

4. Simplified Invoicing System & Streamlined Billing


Now that we have talked about how this application makes it faster for clients to pay their bills, it is time to discuss the invoicing system. Peachpay allows you to send an invoice within seconds of placing your order, allowing users to complete these actions through any device at any given moment. The invoicing system allows them to attach files or documents that might be needed in order for the client to get started. This includes photos, websites and any other important data that needs to be reviewed before getting started on a project.

5. Low Rates For Processing Payments Through PeachPay

Finally, one of the best parts about using this platform is that even though they charge less than other companies on average they still offer some of the best rates in the industry. Typically when clients are charged for using credit cards to pay their bills they are subject to fees that can be around 3% or more of what was paid in total. Peachpay allows users to keep more money in their pocket while still offering rates on average of 2.9%.

These are just some of the reasons why PeachPay has become one of the top choices when it comes to processing payments quickly and staying secure with your business at all times. If you would like to learn more then feel free to visit their site at