When you are tasked to be the host of any party — Halloween, tailgating, victory, and barbeque parties, pressure is there. From the planning to the day of the event, your excitement cannot be explained.

Now, this article is going to talk about hosting a barbecue party. Barbecue parties are amongst those parties your loved ones and close friends are anticipating, especially during summer, and you couldn’t just mess up the food that you will serve.

The most essential part of it is the grilling, and it’s something you have to take seriously. That’s why we will give you a list of things you need to know to make a good grilling time for your grilled recipes.

1. You have to have a clean grill

If you have hosted a previous party and the remains of the grilled items are still in there, you better start removing it because you wouldn’t want a taste of yesterday’s grilled dishes that would mix up with the ones you’ll be serving.

If your grills are rusty already, you might as well buy a new one. A spotless grill is key to achieving a delicious grilled barbecue.

2. Make sure that the grill is hot and well oiled


You need to make sure that the grill grates are hot because it creates a nice sear outside of the barbecue and preserves the juiciness somewhere in the center. Another good thing about heating the grill is that it kills bacteria.

So, it’s safe to say that it serves two purposes. Once it’s hot or in a desired level of heat, ensure that the grill gates are well oiled so that it will enable you to avoid sticking the meat into it.

Brush or rub the oil into the grates generously to achieve non-stick barbecue time.

3. Avoid too much flipping and moving of barbecue on the grill

One of the basic principles of grilling is to not frequently flip it. If the barbecue is cooked, it can be easily flipped or moved around, but when it still sticks into the grills, that only means it’s not ready yet.

Throughout the grilling process, learn how to remain patient and never rush for it to be cooked because it might be raw, and you and your guests wouldn’t like that.

4. Squeezing the meat


This could be very tempting, but you wouldn’t like what it would do to the meat products’ overall flavor, especially barbecue. You may tend to use anything you could to squeeze the meat on the grills because it would light up and spark sizzling flames.

However, it actually drains up the fat out of the meat and these fats actually put flavor. So if you have thoughts of squeezing, just don’t!

5. Spray bottles could be of significant use

It is normal when you encounter sudden flare-ups when you grill. That’s why having a spray bottle that has water in it would be good.

When flare-ups occur, spray it with water so that it will stop them without affecting the heat.

6. The barbeque cuts shouldn’t be grilled straight, especially when it’s still cold


Letting it sit for 30 minutes would aid you in grilling them and cook evenly. Don’t instantly grill your meat straight from the fridge because aside from getting a lump of undercooked meat, it will end up dry and hard to chew.

7. Rest the barbeque

According to, Once the barbeque is cooked based on your judgment, let it sit for about 15 minutes. This will permit the juices to redistribute all around the meat. The result of this redistribution is that it’ll make your barbecue a lot more savory and tender.

8. Add some flavorful sauce to the barbecue

Not all flavors would be everyone’s liking, and if there’s one good thing about barbecues, that would be being able to put various flavors of sauces. Most people would prefer something that’s smoky, while others might prefer something sweet or spicy.

That’s why it would be best if you think of flavors then brush them generously into the barbeque.

9. Don’t overdo the charring of the barbeque

Charred surfaces are part of grilling, including on your barbeques but do not go to a point where you and your guest get to eat barbecue that’s pitch black because that will taste scorched food.

10. It pays to have a meat thermometer


If you’re not so sure in determining whether or not the grilled barbecue is cooked enough, have a thermometer. It’s always better to be safe. Serving raw barbecue or any food is nothing good, but this thermometer does all the necessary checking for you.

After all, what is savory food if it’s not safe to eat at all, right? Pork is cooked at 145 degrees Fahrenheit, chicken at 165 Fahrenheit, rare beef at 125 Fahrenheit, well-done beef at 160 Fahrenheit.

11. Keep it simple when serving to your guest

The final touch comes last, but often, it’s the one that makes a huge impact on your guest. The thing is, barbecue doesn’t need to be a very lavish-looking dish.

Garnish it with something country-themed to complete and match the vibe of the party.

Final Words


Like what was said earlier, hosting a party is a lot of work because, again, you need to see to it that everything is going in accord from the planning to the execution. This applies to hosting barbeque parties where grilling is of great importance.

Take note that grilling is a lot of work too, and it’s something you need to take more seriously. Otherwise, your party could ruin the summer of your guests.

Lastly, but most importantly, invest in quality grilling equipment and tools because these affect your barbeque.

When hosting a party, it’s very important that you are able to deliver these two — quality and taste — not to impress your guests but to make the occasion merrier and enjoyable. After all, it’s the equipment you use that will make you achieve a great barbecue party.

Thus, always make sure to acquire and purchase these items from trusted sources. For more information and options, check out this website –