Do you have loved ones coming back from vacation? What about friends or family who are returning after moving away? Such occasions are already sweet, but preparing welcoming gifts would make them even sweeter. They make the recipients feel more welcome, strengthens bonds, and creates goodwill!

So, what are some excellent welcome back gift ideas? First is a classic, which is a basket of pastries. Yummy cupcakes, delicious muffins, and scrumptious cookies will never fail to make anyone’s day! Next is some high-quality beverage, both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety.

Finally, you can provide aromatherapy candles in exquisite containers or holders. These provide both material and symbolic benefits for those coming back home.

Pastries For Days


Who doesn’t love pastries? Even for those who have to restrict their sugar intake, the smell alone can be a source of great excitement. To that end, welcoming your loved ones with a basket of tasty goodies is an amazing idea.

You can choose from a wide variety of available delicious treats. Donuts and brownies. Chocolate and caramel. Cream puffs and cakes. Your options are practically limitless.

It would be even better if you already know what kind of pastries your returning friends or family like ahead of time. This will increase the impact of the gesture, thus endearing you to them even more!

With that said, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Do make keep allergies in mind. Pastries tend to have ingredients like cinnamon and nuts, which can be dangerous to certain people.

Conditions like diabetes types 1 and 2 would also make pastries a complicated gift idea. It’s lucky then that there are options that are safe to be consumed by diabetics.

Fancy Liquors, Tea, and More


This suggestion involves quite a few options but ultimately comes down to beverages. However, these are not just any old common fare. You’ll be getting the fancy stuff since this is a special occasion.

In this regard, you have three excellent options:

  • Wine
  • Tea
  • Coffee

Technically, you can get pretty much any kind of beverage, but you do have to put some thought into your choice. Otherwise, it’s going to come off as an empty gesture.

So, why those three? The simple answer is that they are the most sensible.

Wine is practically a symbol of elegance, class, and celebration. It’s what you open during birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Fancy wines are particularly sought after because they are considered a status symbol.

The fancier the wine, the more value it has. At least, this is the perception. Giving a bottle of a good vintage from an excellent vineyard, for example, is seen as a thoughtful gesture.

Moving on to tea, the giving of tea leaves comes with a lot of significance in many cultures all over the world. It can mean a wish for health and prosperity or a symbol of friendship. It could also be a sign of simply wanting to share a healthy beverage.

In any case, if you really want to impress the people you are giving the tea to, choose the leaf variety. Tea leaves are treated as luxury goods compared to tea bags. They are often enjoyed among the upper class circles, especially those coming from famous regions.

This makes them extra fancy.

Finally, there is coffee. As one of the most popular beverages in the world, coffee can be considered a safe choice. The recipients are most likely to appreciate them if they drink coffee every day. Plus, it’s familiar enough to people that it won’t seem like a chore to use the gift.

A Welcome Light


Sure, you could give your returning loved ones some stylish lamps, but that would be boring. You want to give them something with some depth of meaning. This is why aromatherapy candles would be a great idea.

To start with, they provide light, which already makes them functional but that’s only the start. They are also excellent for relaxation and winding down, which is what the recipients are going to need. After coming back, they are sure to be tired, stressed, and anxious.

This is the perfect time to give them something to help with that.

Of course, what would candles be without the right holders? Would you like lotus-shaped glass candle holders? You can certainly find those especially by clicking here.

How about fancy candelabras or table candle racks? Take your pick!

Not only will this help make your gift complete, but it will make the candles easier to use. The people you’ll give them to won’t have to scramble for containers.


Welcoming back loved ones who have been away for a while with gifts is a heartwarming thing to do. The months or years that were spent apart must equate to making new and fun memories.  However, the choice of gift that you give will say as much about how you view them as the gesture itself. That’s why going with the suggestions brought up here would be a good idea. They are safe enough to avoid them being taken the wrong way but good enough to send the right message. Your returning friends or family will appreciate the thought and will be able to use them too!