What happens when two of the most popular and influential electronic artists come together to collaborate on a new track for the world to hear?  Well, we are about to soon find out.

After releasing his widely known hit \”Animals\” back in 2013, Martin Garrix has been performing at festivals non-stop all over the world.  Just recently, the 18 year old DJ/producer decided to take a breather and head back into the studio to begin working on new tracks for 2015.  Garrix has been documenting his time in the studio by uploading photos of himself on his Instagram account.  The most surprising photo yet was posted just 3 days ago, when the DJ revealed a picture of himself sitting beside the legendary David Guetta with a caption that read: \”amazing studioday with @davidguetta.\”


With not much more verification other than this photo, fans in the EDM community remained hopeful that this was a collaboration that was really going to take place.  Luckily, David Guetta addressed the collab when he interviewed with a radio station in the UK.  He explains that the new track consists of two ideas/versions: one is meant for a club-like atmosphere and the other is meant for radio play.  Guetta can barely contain his excitement while describing the new track after exclaiming \”It\’s Big!!!!\”  As of now, there are no mentions of a track title or release date, and fans will just have to wait patiently for the big reveal.

Check out the entire interview here.