Millions of people from all over the world are struggling with weight. All the studies on this topic show just how big of a problem this has become. There are several reasons for this happening. But the most important ones are the lack of movement and eating junk food and other unhealthy foods.

That’s why so many people are interested in conducting a diet that will help them help them lose weight. Since the number of these diets is quite high, choosing the one that suits your need and preferences can be rather hard. Also, you don’t know which one of them will be proper for your body.

Many people have tried a VLCD diet. It is a low-calorie diet, which means you need to be aware of how to handle it well. Naturally, you cannot hope that this will go smoothly in each case. That’s why we want to present you with detailed insight into this concept, and the future of the weight loss program.

The Basics


VLCD is short for a very low-calorie diet. It means that it is quite an intense and fast program. So, those who practice it need to limit the calories they consume every day. It needs to be said that this diet was developed back in the seventies, and it was aimed to help people whose body mass index is higher than 30.

Also, it is important to point out that using a VLCD diet is not recommended in cases when somebody’s BMI is lower than 30. The only exception to this rule is when they have some medical condition closely tied with it. We are talking about conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes type 2.

These approaches have been used to help people to achieve a significant, quick, weight loss, which should be a part of an effective weight-loss program. When it comes to the amount of calories practitioners are allowed to consume is as high as 800. Anything higher than that is completely unacceptable.

How to Implement It?

Before doing anything else, you should consult with your GP before you decide to implement this one. A professional will provide you with a crucial insight on where to start and how to conduct the future steps. Some would say that this one is the last resort for those who cannot find any other solution to their weight problem.

But that doesn’t have to be always the case. It depends on various elements. But when it comes to the implementation itself, you should start by taking a look at foods that have a lot of volumes. We are talking about leafy and green vegetables. They do not contain too many calories but are rich in nutrients.

Plus, we can say that eating some vegetable-based salads is always a good option. Still, you would need to avoid any sort of dressings. Sure, they would improve the taste massively, but they usually come with a high number of calories you don’t need. It is one of the mistakes people make the most.

Furthermore, it is useful to take a look at foods that are rich in protein and fiber. It’s because fiber can help with making sure that bowel movements are as healthy as possible. In the end, it needs to be said that this diet shouldn’t last more than twelve weeks. However, it relies on the plan the professionals made for your VLCD diet.

What are the Benefits?


As you could see from this insight of ours, we are talking about a rather challenging approach. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a beneficial one. In fact, it is completely the opposite. Naturally, the most obvious benefit is that it is quite an efficient one but only when used right.

Another one is focusing on general nutrition, which means that the practitioner will not consume something that’s not too healthy. Instead, the focus will be solely on those nutrients that provide benefit to the body, without including calories that are not as needed in this particular case.

Those who love to hit the gym and improve their physical appearance will be glad to know that the VLCD diet can help massively with improving body composition. We are talking about massive fat loss and waist edge being more clear. Also, some of the benefits you can reap can be of pure medical nature.

For example, it is a great approach that can help with increasing insulin sensitivity. Not to mention that it can be quite efficient in lowering gluconeogenesis. So, it would be a mistake to believe that it can help only with appearance. Understanding these benefits could be a major turning point for those who are hesitant about conducting it.

Potential Risks


As is the case with practically any diet out there, this one also has a set of potential risks. Thankfully, all of them can be avoided if it is practiced properly. For instance, if you are not careful about how you conduct it, it can lead to massive muscle loss, which would take too long to repair.

Since the VLCD diet should last up to twelve weeks, it is obvious that sustainability is among the problems you will face. At the end of this period, the next thing to do is the transition to some sort of a maintenance plan, which includes various things, like changing the overall lifestyle and frequent exercise.

Gallstones are a frequent problem in people who are obese. But it’s worth knowing that they can start developing in cases of massive weight loss. Therefore, the doctor would need to prescribe the practitioner some medication that would stop gallstones from occurring during this procedure.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are aware of the basic principles of a VLCD diet you can practice it much more smoother in the future. If you still have questions about the VLCD diet for weight loss, it is best to contact a professional. Remember, consulting a professional is a must in this case.